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The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman Fox Good Day Tampa Bay

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman Fox Good Day Tampa Bay 813-841-7000

Commentator: When you’re in a bit under the weather you just pick up the phone you call your doctor but what happens when your iPhone is sick. Ross Newman is the iPhone doctor and he joins us from the iHospital. Good to see you. How you’ve been, man?

Ross Newman: Good, how are you?

Commentator: I’m good. Thank you. Okay. If you don’t want to go wait in line, you don’t want to go to the genius bar at the Apple store we can come to your place, right?

Ross Newman: That’s correct. Come on down we can help with just about anything that you have that’s Apple.

Commentator: Okay, so I accidentally dropped my iPhone into the toilet and it gets water in it. How much you’re going to charge me to fix it?

Ross Newman: You know we don’t have a flat rate for water damage but I tell you that lots of time it’s going to be cheaper than what’s going to cost to buy a new phone so you ship it down and let’s take a look at it ’cause we can fix it about probably 9 out of 10 times.

Commentator: What if I am living the Gemini, leave my iPhone on the roof of my car when I’m backing out and it falls and it cracks the screen? That happened to me by the way.

Ross Newman: That’s exactly what happened right here to the new iPhone 4.

Commentator: Really?

Ross Newman: So, we bring it in and that is it’s exactly what happens. It happens all the time these phones, people will leave them on the roof of their car and just drop them and go fly and you see they break the front and the back of them but it doesn’t take much for us to fix because we get it brand new again within a matter of 15 to 30 minutes.

Commentator: Ross, are you telling me you can fix that broken phone like that?

Ross Newman: Oh, yeah, we can fix it and we can fix them pretty quickly.

Commentator: And how much for that fix cost?

Ross Newman: On the iPhone 4 it’s a little bit more than other repairs cost or some many different features inside the iPhone 4, it cost a little bit more to fix but that repairs about $179. It’s still cheaper than Apple and you’re going to keep all your data on the phone as well.

Commentator: So, as bad as that phone looked that you were just showing us, that phone is fixable and it’s going to be working fine in just a little time?

Ross Newman: Exactly.

Commentator: Tell me some of the worst things you’ve seen across that have come in the door.

Ross Newman: Some of the worst that have come in the door you know we’ve had a lot of cops who dropped their phones chasing different criminals. Couple of different people who’ve been in Busch Gardens dropping their phones off roller coasters but in really bad shape but you know we get them working again.

Commentator: I’m surprised they even were able to find them and I saw the iPad there, is it all things Apple you fix there not just iPhones?

Ross Newman: It’s everything Apple. I tell you we do a lot of Macintosh computer repairs here. A lot of failing hard drives, these hard drives in any computer they go bad, they fail and you can lose all your data but we have a great team here that can recover data off pretty much any hard drive, any Mac computer and recover all the data put a brand new hard drive and at same the day and get you up and speed back running again.

Commentator: Hey, we got to go but I got to tell people I know that the boys already done a story on you along the way and I know a lot of people have seen this story watch it here Fox 13 and they found you guys. We’re awfully glad we’ve been able to show you off a little bit, okay.

Ross Newman: Thank you as well.

Commentator: Alright, we’ll tell everybody in case you don’t know the iHospital is at 4530 West Kennedy Boulevard and if the phone is working and you want to give them a call the number is (813) 841-7000.

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