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iHospital on Bubba the Love Sponge

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

I can’t say enough good things, finally, I know that you’ve been out of the iHospital and I know that you know they’ve taken care some of your stuff and I’ve never really had a need to go down there until my home button on my iPhone.

Bubba the Love Sponge® and Spice talk about iHospital® on the BTLS morning show July 13th, 2011. The iHospital has locations in Tampa, Atlanta, Gainesville, Tennessee, and New York City. iHospital is the leader in Apple ® iPhone® Repair, Mac® Repair, Macbook® Repair, iPad® Repair, and iPod® Repair.

Bubba: Spice, I can’t say enough good things, finally, I know that you’ve been out of the iHospital and I know that you know they’ve taken care some of your stuff and I’ve never really had a need to go down there until my home button on my iPhone.

Just ’cause that’s the most commonly smashed button and I have to smash it like 6, 7, 8, 12 times to get it back to go to the you know where I was going and so I called the genius lab or the genius bar and like we don’t replace internal parts and their fancy way of saying, you need to buy a new phone, right? So, I called Ross, he said, we go down to the iHospital which Spice, you’ve been there a couple of times have you not?

Spice: Yeah, I’ve went there one time ’cause my screen was got off and they fix them 2 seconds.

Bubba: You wouldn’t believe, so they actually took me in the back and they got like I mean a lot of people think when you shatter your screen on your iPhone. By the way, whether it’s an iPad or an iPod, an iPhone 3, 4 or you need a fancy case, any accessories, chargers, it’s right there on I think Kennedy, yeah, and you can go to for more information. I think they have a store in Atlanta now, in two weeks they got one in North Tampa on Florida on Brisby Down for USF people, they got one in Gainesville opening soon and New York City. Spice, you know that you’re on to something when you can open something up to New York City and know that you’re going to be okay.

Spice: For sure.

Bubba: They fix all Apple products, Mac’s, iPads, iPods, iPhones. So, I have this home button deal and you won’t believe, Spice actually it was my decent skid. You know my decent channel 10 guy?

Spice: Yeah.

Bubba: His son works there.

Spice: I didn’t know that.

Bubba: Yeah, big kid. Tomorrow’s his birthday too, by the way, happy birthday to you little DC. So, he takes my iPhone a 100 percent apart I mean it looks like somebody just took it against the wall, Bubba had a Rebecca meltdown and I threw it against the wall and end in pieces. I guess the home button is something that Apple per se will not replace. So, they gone in the back and they have a bag full of brand new home button, they do.

Spice: It’s fell off a truck.

Bubba: Yeah, and he puts the new home button and he’s like, while we’re here, Ross that’s why we’re in it, let’s put a new screen on it as well. So, you don’t understand that guy refurb my phone and you know my phone has a got a ton mileage on it as yours does.

Spice: Yes, you have a done deal now.

Bubba: So, yeah, man, I’ll tell you and unlike you know when you go to the genius lab or the genius bar or whatever hell was called and they talked down your neck and this is like very non-invasive. Just roll up in there say my phone’s messed up and you can see the technicians in the back fixing it. It’s awesome.

Spice: Yeah.

Bubba: Just because they don’t treat you like you’re a jobber, they don’t treat you like you know they have when you walk up in there, they actually want your business.

Tech Check: iHospital Opens in Atlanta

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

ATLANTA – They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but that’s not true at the iHospital. In this Tech Check, FOX 5′s Doug Evans reports on the new hospital that has opened its doors for broken Apple products.

The iHospital just opened in Atlanta, and they’re already seeing disasters ranging from broken iPad screens to cracked iPhones. The doctors at the iHospital specialize in iSurgery, and they say repairs to iPhone screens and battery troubles are their most common complaints.

If you have a broken Apple product, the iHospital says it’s a good alternative to sending the product back to Apple—especially if the device is out of warranty. The turnaround is usually a couple of hours—and at worst, a couple of days—at the iHospital, compared to four to six weeks with Apple.

iHospital also claims their repairs are less expensive. They use genuine Apple replacement parts, which protects your warranty with Apple.

But the best advice for protecting your Apple device? Buy a case—a very good case. Experts at the iHospital recommend the OtterBox . It’s almost twice as expensive as a regular iPhone case, but if you drop your phone, experts claim it’s strong enough to keep it protected.

The iHospital first started in Tampa. Atlanta’s is the second location, and the company says it will be expanding to other U.S. cities soon.

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