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iHospital on NBC Tampa’s “Way to Save segment

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iHospital on NBC Tampas Way to Save segment on WFLAs Today Show

Gayle Guyardo: Alright, thanks Leslie. There is no doubt. The Apple shines in today’s marked at
the company has hit what’s been labeled by him as revenues earning more than $28 billion. But
what happens if your iPad, Mac, or Mac Air breaks? Well, on today’s ways to save, you don’t necessarily have to find a new one instead head to the iHospital.

John Noriega had found out about the iHospital, thanks to his daughters.

John Noriega: My 11-year-old daughter had a phone that wasn’t operating properly so we brought it into the doctors at the iHospital and they fixed it.

Gayle Guyardo: Now, he’s servicing his own iPhone and saving big bucks.

John Noriega: I’m probably saving exactly probably about $300.

Ross Newman: Anything that’s made by Apple we’re working on here, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and all Mac computers.

Gayle Guyardo: The iHospital is the brain child of entrepreneur Ross Newman. Every technician at the iHospital is certified and you can clearly see them busy at work through surveillance videos scrubs it all. With no appointment necessary just drop your Apple technology to be fixed and save big money.

Ross Newman: Hundreds of dollars, sometimes even thousands of dollars and these aren’t limited to just hard drive repairs, you also have people who lose their data, we’re able to recover their data for normally starting around $49 prices go up a little bit. Also people drop their computers, they spill liquid on them, and these are things that we’re going to repair here and save them for having them to buy a new computer.

Gayle Guyardo: So, while at the iHospital looking for ways to save, I also found the coolest new invention exclusive to the iHospital. Take a look.

The brand new, Aquabox.

Ross Newman: We’re going to close the window.

Gayle Guyardo: You simply secure your phone inside, so, that if you’re prone to dropping your phone in water you might not need the iDoctors at the iHospital. Computer repairs are today’s ways to save.

Now, if you’re a PC owner there are many stores in the area that can help you as well, however make sure you ask if the text are certified and that genuine parts are being used. But that little gadget is cool especially in Florida because it makes your iPhone waterproof, you can take it underwater with you.

Fox News gets iHospital’s take on Steve Jobs Retirement

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At Tampa store, Steve Jobs is a superhero

TAMPA – It is safe to say Steve Jobs has solidified his legacy at Apple, and around the world.

“Tens of millions of devices all over the world, you have to think how many of your friends don’t have one Apple product,” said Eric Linsky.

Linsky is Apple to the core: he works at Tampa’s iHospitals where they specialize in repairing all things Apple. His store wouldn’t exsist without Apple, and to him, Steve Jobs has essentially reached super-hero status.

“Steve Jobs has been the brains behind the whole operation. Apple is amazing,” he said.

Demand for Apple’s products has created frenzies nationwide and its devices have changed our society. iPods revolutionized how we listen to music, iPhones are everywhere and iPads are being used as tools in the classroom, inside airplane cockpits, and they’re even being used in the Bucs locker-room as playbooks.

“You do things a lot quicker, more efficient, and more organized,” Linsky said. “I think the design of their products is very unique compared to anything else,” he added.

Mike Garcia’s owns just about every Apple product available. He says he’s not too worried about Job’s stepping down as CEO.

“He’s ahead of his time when he first started Apple,” he said. “He has a reputation for being a strong leader, so I think there’ll be a slight impact but hopefully Apple will get through,” he said.

The company still has some big things on the horizon, including the iPhone 5. No doubt sales will surge and so will the businesses that feed off the tech giant.

“As the more i-Devices and Mac products that are released, the more and more things we can repair and work on,” said Linsky. “I think Apple is only going up from here.”

iHospital Atlanta Featured in Fox New’s “Tech Check”

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ATLANTA – The number one complaint among smart phone users is dropped calls, number two is dead batteries.

But, you might be able to help your smartphone battery last a little longer with this Tech Check.

Having a full battery is so important to doing the things you need to do, like texting and take photos.

Are you trying to get the most out of your smartphone, but feel like it’s your battery on vacation?

“I notice it more in the Summer because my kids have my phone and my activities are a little bit different in the Summer so,” said Stacy Maple

What with activities like texting and picture taking, it doesn’t take long before your battery calls it quits

“My battery didn’t last long. I had a full battery before I got here, but now it’s empty,” said Meisha Jones

We went to the iHospital to diagnose this problem and learned that the activities and the apps you’re running have a lot do with how long your battery lasts.

“Well, they have all kinds of applications for altering photos.or any kind of games. Any kind of game where you are driving a car. Or you have actual images that change consistently, that’s going to drain your batterly a lot,” said Eric Linsky

Here’s another one — GPS apps. It’s best to plug in if you can.

Doug Evans asked folks on his Facebook page to tell him the apps that are chewing up their smartphone battery.

Tori wrote that browsing and Facebook cause her battery lose charge quickly. Nici writes Kindle kills her battery. And Melissa says it’s Pandora, internet radio that zaps her phone’s power.

Doug Evans also got some good tips on how to preserve your battery life.

Sonya says switch off your phones wifi, “it constantly searches for a signal. That uses up a great deal of battery life.”

And Peter writes, “Anytime I forget to shut my Bluetooth service off my battery drains wicked fast.”

The docs at the iHospital agree with that and adds more.

“You should never have your brightness all the way, you should have it at 50 percent. It’s not necessary to have it all the way,” said Eric Linsky.

And for you iPhone users, here a trick and important one. Just hitting the home button –the round one at the bottom — does not close down your applications. They are still running in the back ground and draining your battery.

Here’s how to shut them down.

“If you double push the home button, you get all these applications. All these applications are ones that are running. So you hold down that and now you can actually, physically close down applications one by one. If you have 20 or 30 applications running at once, it will drain your battery quickly,” said Linsky.

A video is on Doug Evans’ Facebook page to show the proper way to close iPhone applications. Let Doug Evans hear what works and doesn’t work for you in the battle of your battery.

Another tip — buy a good charger. In fact, it’s a good idea to buy a cord made by a smartphone company. Cheap chargers can actually damage your phone’s battery.

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The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman

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The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman Fox 13 News Tampa 813-841-7000
Commentator: Manage your iPhone or the iPod and chances are it’s going to cost you to fix it than buying a new one, that’s really got you but our consumer lawyer,

Erik Seidel. So, there’s another option.

Erik Seidel: They call them the iPhone King.

Ross Newman: It’s probably the most popular device out there.

Erik Seidel: An obsession that started when he got his first iPhone.

Ross Newman: Being the kind of person I am, I dove into it immediately.

Erik Seidel: Ross Newman learned everything there was to know about iPhones including how to take them apart and fix them.

Ross Newman: We replace this entire part, inside of this which then makes this look like a brand new phone again.

Erik Seidel: That led Ross to open what he now calls, the iHospital.

Ross Newman: I came with the service because we needed an easy solution to get your phone fixed and there really wasn’t any.

Erik Seidel: So, he opened one and they came. Customers like, Stephani Heirshberg.
Stephani Heirshberg: Even I’m on that jetski over the weekend and it got saltwater in it so it completely died.

Erik Seidel: She says Apple wanted nearly $400 to replace her phone. So, she came here.

Stephani Heirshberg: He was able to fix the one part that got saltwater on it.

Erik Seidel: The final charge just $75.

Ross Newman: We don’t have a single repair that’s over $100 here.

Erik Seidel: Since opening this Tampa location last month, Ross, has seen iTragedies of every kind.

Ross Newman: We’ve had a few of these officers who have dropped them like chasing suspects; I had one who shot his phone.

Erik Seidel: CPA Neil Fabricant says he doesn’t have time to wait for his phone service wrecked to get back to him.

Neil Fabricant: Unfortunately, they’re incredibly busy right now. We know exactly what’s wrong the second we see it and what to do.

Erik Seidel: Destroy display? No problem.

Ross Newman: Before you take out the display, we have to remove the LCD on the back of it and replace this entire part.

Erik Seidel: All with the one year warranty. In fact, Ross fixes all things Apple from iPods and Pads to laptops themselves leaving customers like Stephani keeping him on speed dial.

Stephani Heirshberg: It’s within 15 minutes, it was fixed and charged up and ready to go.

Erik Seidel: Erik Seidel Fox 13 News.

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