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Unlocked iPhone 4S Sold Today – World Travelers Rejoice!

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News

Starting today Apple is selling unlocked iPhone 4S’s via their online U.S. store.  Shipping time is estimated at one to two weeks.

The prices for the unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S is $649 – 16GB, $749 – 32 GB and $849 – 64 GB.  It’s important to note that the unlocked device is only compatible with GSM networks such as AT&T.  You can’t use Verizon Wireless or Sprint as they are CDMA-based carriers.

The neat part is if you travel outside of the U.S. you can purchase a micro-SIM card from a local carrier and you won’t get dinged with all the roaming and long distance charges.  One poster on MacRumors posted the following rates:

  • In Canada $10 will get you 125 MB of data for a week with unlimited evening calls.
  • In Singapore $20 will get you unlimited incoming calls for 30 days.
  • In Hong Kong $12 will get you unlimited data for 3 – 4 days.
  • In Macau $12 will get you unlimited data for 4 days.
  • In Bali $10 will get you a hefty amount of data
  • In China $30 will get you 600 MB and unlimited incoming calls that lasts about a month.
The poster also stated that if he had a locked iPhone he would have had to subscribe to AT&T’s international data roaming plan for $200 and pay $3 per minute for calls.
If you are a frequent word traveler you should definitely consider purchasing one of the unlocked iPhone 4S’s Apple started selling today.  Hopefully you won’t be leaving for a couple of weeks as they are only available online. If you don’t travel often you may not be interested in purchasing an unlocked iPhone unless carriers start competing for better rate plans! Will you be purchasing an unlocked iPhone 4S? What kind of rates did you get internationally?

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