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iPhone Water Damage Repair in New York

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News

Did you know iPhone water damage is one of the easiest repairs we do at iHospital in New York City (Manhattan/NYU)?  One of our blog readers from New York sent us a question regarding iPhone water damage and we wanted to share our response with you:

Dear iHospital,

I dropped my iPhone in the bathtub this morning (stupid I know).  Is there a way to repair it myself?  I’ve heard I could put it in a bag of rice to draw the water out – is that just an old wives tail?  My iPhone switches on but then the screen just goes black – what should I do?


Missing my iPhone, New York

iPhone water damage is one of the most common repairs our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices repair at iHospital.  One of our technicians even had to repair dog urine from a Mac Pro but that’s a whole other story!  Here’s the lowdown on your options on how to go about fixing iPhone water damage.

Option 1.) Putting your iPhone in a bag of dry uncooked rice reportedly helps water damage but we haven’t tried it (and advise against it).

Option 2.) Visit the Apple Store and have them send it off for repair.  AppleCare+ doesn’t cover iPhone water damage so you are out of luck if you shoveled out the $99.00 when you purchased your iPhone.

Option 3.) Purchase the new iPhone 4S. Come on, we know you want to test out Siri right? We can even show you how to teach Siri to tweet!  A quick and expensive option.

Option 4.) Come down to iHospital in New York City (Manhattan / NYU) and have one of our expert D.i.D Doctor of iDevices take a look at your iPhone water damage.  No appointment is needed and we’ll give you a free estimate within five minutes of walking in the front door.  Our New York location is conveniently located on Broadway at Washington Place within the Shakespeare & Co. Booksellers across from the New York University Campus.  You can kick back, grab a coffee and read a book while we repair your iPhone water damage.  Rest assured, we only use the highest quality of OEM parts and all of our repairs are covered by a one-year warranty  Pretty spectacular right?

We were happy to fix our readers iPhone water damage while she checked out the Soho Apple Store a short walk away.  Do you have any iPhone water damage war stories? Please feel free to share them in the comment section below!

Don’t forget to drop in to iHospital for all your iPod and iPod Nano repairsiPad repairsiPhone repairs and Mac repairs. No appointment is needed and all repairs are backed with a one year warranty. Repairs are done while you wait and some repairs take as little as five minutes! Come see us today! Click here for list of our locations.


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