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iTunes Mach LIVE! Well Almost.

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News

Developers were notified on Wednesday evening that Apple is wiping iTunes Match on October 27th, 2011 in in order to clean up the “overall quality and reliability” of the service ahead of its upcoming public launch.

Wondering what iTunes Match is? It’s an awesome service that provides users a convenient scan and match service that determines which songs on their hard drive are also available on the iTunes music store.  This includes all your music including music you’ve burned from CDs or purchased somewhere besides iTunes.  Those songs will accessible from iCloud.  Your music library will be available to all your Apple and Mac devices.

The service will cost $24.99 per year and Apple is claiming the scan will take minutes compared to weeks of upload time from rivals Amazon and Google.  Your subscription will get you unlimited downloads on up to ten devices! You’ll also have access to Apple’s 18 million iTunes store database.  Tracks not found will be uploaded in their original format to Apple’s database and won’t count towards your storage limit.

The best feature of iTunes Match is it will also offer better quality of music by providing 256 Kbps AAC downloads even when the matched files have a lower bitrate. Your second-rate music files will become first class in seconds!

iTunes Match is currently closed to Developers.  Today’s news of the wipe points to it being launched very soon.  Possible reasons to delay the service include licensing and copyright.  You might have noticed an iTunes Match toggle in your iOS music settings pane which directs users to subscribe to the service.

Apple Developers have been instructed to turn off their iTunes Match service on computers and operating systems during the wipe. Current songs shouldn’t be affected but it’s important to backup regularly and don’t delete the music you’ve added to iCloud from your library.


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