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Mac App Store Welcomes Apps that Use Global Hotkeys

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News

Application creators all over the world are breathing a big sigh of relief. Why you ask? Well, reports came out early Thursday morning suggesting that Apple would disallow Mac App stores that enabled keyboard “hotkey” shortcuts. The popular Apple blog, Macworld, confirmed that this was in fact a rumor and these apps are definitely allowed within Apple’s App store.

All of this hype came about because starting June 1, 2012, all apps that are submitted to the Mac App Store need to include Apple’s sandboxing requirements. For those of you that wonder what sandboxing means, here’s a little breakdown. Sandboxing is a term that refers to limiting what functionality and data a certain app can access for a user’s protection and security. Another popular blog called TUAW suggested that as part of these updates, Apple would shun new apps with global hotkeys too.

These hotkeys are very common within in OS X. In fact, Apple includes many hotkey creations of their own, like Command-Shift-3 for taking a screenshot. Many apps in the App Store install their own global hotkeys: Twitter apps can offer a command to bring your timeline to the foreground or start composing a new tweet, or launching apps lets you bring up their interfaces with a global keystroke too.

Overall, it’s definitely been confirmed that no hotkey ban is coming to the Mac Apple Store. Apple even offers developers many public APIs that simplify the work of creating global keyboard shortcuts, and we’re sure those APIs aren’t going away. All in all, as long as these hotkeys are implemented properly, the Apple App Store definitely won’t turn them away.

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