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Will Siri Power the New Apple TV?

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News

Will you be throwing away your remote TV for a “siri-like” voice controlled Apple TV soon? The answer is yes according to biographer Walter Isaacson. 

The New York Times reported yesterday that Steve Jobs was thrilled when he had an epiphany about how to make Apple TV work.  “I’ve finally cracked it!” he told his biographer, Walter Isaacson.  Some interpreted this comment to be related to the physical television set but they were wrong.  What Steve was so excited about was Siri, Apple’s new voice recognition software on the iPhone 4S.

The good folks at Apple have been racking their brains for years on how to make Apple TV different.  How can they make it more user friendly which is a hallmark of their brand and company.  They couldn’t put a giant home button on the screen so how could they really make Apple TV rock?

They toyed with a wireless keyboard and mouse or using your iDevice as a remote control but Steve axed both of those. They weren’t innovative enough for Apple.

The engineers and designers at Apple figured it out – get rid of the dreaded remote control and replace it with Siri.  People can choose their television content as easily as they download an app on their iPod, iPhone or iPad. Cool right? Imagine sitting on your couch wondering what to watch. You laugh as you remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure so you say, “Play Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and voila! Done! The same goes for baby animals on Youtube, Justin Bieber, etc.

Because they aren’t rich enough, Apple could generate an extra $19 billion in revenue from a Apple television set excluding content deals and that’s if they only reached 5% of current TV watchers.  Some expect to launch by 2013. What do you think? Would you switch in your LCD Television for an Apple TV? I’m sure we know the answer.

Source:  The New York Times – What’s Really Next for Apple in Television

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