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The iHospital offers a large range of refurbishment services as  well as customizations. There is no need to purchase a new iPhone® when your current becomes worn and torn. We have the ability to change a broken case or bezel on an iPhone® to a new one, or even change it to a custom color! Just bring it to the nearest iHospital for refurbishment and we will have it looking like a new phone again!  We refurbish all makes and models of the iPhone including the iPhone 1st Gen, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Is your Mac® starting to show signs of aging? That is not a problem at the iHospital. We can replace the case on your computer or any other component that is showing wear and tear to make it appear like a brand new computer again.

Need a speedy repair or upgrade? Send us an email or dial 1 (888) 407-5767

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