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The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman Fox 13 News Tampa 813-841-7000
Commentator: Manage your iPhone or the iPod and chances are it’s going to cost you to fix it than buying a new one, that’s really got you but our consumer lawyer,

Erik Seidel. So, there’s another option.

Erik Seidel: They call them the iPhone King.

Ross Newman: It’s probably the most popular device out there.

Erik Seidel: An obsession that started when he got his first iPhone.

Ross Newman: Being the kind of person I am, I dove into it immediately.

Erik Seidel: Ross Newman learned everything there was to know about iPhones including how to take them apart and fix them.

Ross Newman: We replace this entire part, inside of this which then makes this look like a brand new phone again.

Erik Seidel: That led Ross to open what he now calls, the iHospital.

Ross Newman: I came with the service because we needed an easy solution to get your phone fixed and there really wasn’t any.

Erik Seidel: So, he opened one and they came. Customers like, Stephani Heirshberg.
Stephani Heirshberg: Even I’m on that jetski over the weekend and it got saltwater in it so it completely died.

Erik Seidel: She says Apple wanted nearly $400 to replace her phone. So, she came here.

Stephani Heirshberg: He was able to fix the one part that got saltwater on it.

Erik Seidel: The final charge just $75.

Ross Newman: We don’t have a single repair that’s over $100 here.

Erik Seidel: Since opening this Tampa location last month, Ross, has seen iTragedies of every kind.

Ross Newman: We’ve had a few of these officers who have dropped them like chasing suspects; I had one who shot his phone.

Erik Seidel: CPA Neil Fabricant says he doesn’t have time to wait for his phone service wrecked to get back to him.

Neil Fabricant: Unfortunately, they’re incredibly busy right now. We know exactly what’s wrong the second we see it and what to do.

Erik Seidel: Destroy display? No problem.

Ross Newman: Before you take out the display, we have to remove the LCD on the back of it and replace this entire part.

Erik Seidel: All with the one year warranty. In fact, Ross fixes all things Apple from iPods and Pads to laptops themselves leaving customers like Stephani keeping him on speed dial.

Stephani Heirshberg: It’s within 15 minutes, it was fixed and charged up and ready to go.

Erik Seidel: Erik Seidel Fox 13 News.

iHospital on Bubba the Love Sponge

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

I can’t say enough good things, finally, I know that you’ve been out of the iHospital and I know that you know they’ve taken care some of your stuff and I’ve never really had a need to go down there until my home button on my iPhone.

Bubba the Love Sponge® and Spice talk about iHospital® on the BTLS morning show July 13th, 2011. The iHospital has locations in Tampa, Atlanta, Gainesville, Tennessee, and New York City. iHospital is the leader in Apple ® iPhone® Repair, Mac® Repair, Macbook® Repair, iPad® Repair, and iPod® Repair.

Bubba: Spice, I can’t say enough good things, finally, I know that you’ve been out of the iHospital and I know that you know they’ve taken care some of your stuff and I’ve never really had a need to go down there until my home button on my iPhone.

Just ’cause that’s the most commonly smashed button and I have to smash it like 6, 7, 8, 12 times to get it back to go to the you know where I was going and so I called the genius lab or the genius bar and like we don’t replace internal parts and their fancy way of saying, you need to buy a new phone, right? So, I called Ross, he said, we go down to the iHospital which Spice, you’ve been there a couple of times have you not?

Spice: Yeah, I’ve went there one time ’cause my screen was got off and they fix them 2 seconds.

Bubba: You wouldn’t believe, so they actually took me in the back and they got like I mean a lot of people think when you shatter your screen on your iPhone. By the way, whether it’s an iPad or an iPod, an iPhone 3, 4 or you need a fancy case, any accessories, chargers, it’s right there on I think Kennedy, yeah, and you can go to for more information. I think they have a store in Atlanta now, in two weeks they got one in North Tampa on Florida on Brisby Down for USF people, they got one in Gainesville opening soon and New York City. Spice, you know that you’re on to something when you can open something up to New York City and know that you’re going to be okay.

Spice: For sure.

Bubba: They fix all Apple products, Mac’s, iPads, iPods, iPhones. So, I have this home button deal and you won’t believe, Spice actually it was my decent skid. You know my decent channel 10 guy?

Spice: Yeah.

Bubba: His son works there.

Spice: I didn’t know that.

Bubba: Yeah, big kid. Tomorrow’s his birthday too, by the way, happy birthday to you little DC. So, he takes my iPhone a 100 percent apart I mean it looks like somebody just took it against the wall, Bubba had a Rebecca meltdown and I threw it against the wall and end in pieces. I guess the home button is something that Apple per se will not replace. So, they gone in the back and they have a bag full of brand new home button, they do.

Spice: It’s fell off a truck.

Bubba: Yeah, and he puts the new home button and he’s like, while we’re here, Ross that’s why we’re in it, let’s put a new screen on it as well. So, you don’t understand that guy refurb my phone and you know my phone has a got a ton mileage on it as yours does.

Spice: Yes, you have a done deal now.

Bubba: So, yeah, man, I’ll tell you and unlike you know when you go to the genius lab or the genius bar or whatever hell was called and they talked down your neck and this is like very non-invasive. Just roll up in there say my phone’s messed up and you can see the technicians in the back fixing it. It’s awesome.

Spice: Yeah.

Bubba: Just because they don’t treat you like you’re a jobber, they don’t treat you like you know they have when you walk up in there, they actually want your business.

Tech Check: iHospital Opens in Atlanta

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

ATLANTA – They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but that’s not true at the iHospital. In this Tech Check, FOX 5′s Doug Evans reports on the new hospital that has opened its doors for broken Apple products.

The iHospital just opened in Atlanta, and they’re already seeing disasters ranging from broken iPad screens to cracked iPhones. The doctors at the iHospital specialize in iSurgery, and they say repairs to iPhone screens and battery troubles are their most common complaints.

If you have a broken Apple product, the iHospital says it’s a good alternative to sending the product back to Apple—especially if the device is out of warranty. The turnaround is usually a couple of hours—and at worst, a couple of days—at the iHospital, compared to four to six weeks with Apple.

iHospital also claims their repairs are less expensive. They use genuine Apple replacement parts, which protects your warranty with Apple.

But the best advice for protecting your Apple device? Buy a case—a very good case. Experts at the iHospital recommend the OtterBox . It’s almost twice as expensive as a regular iPhone case, but if you drop your phone, experts claim it’s strong enough to keep it protected.

The iHospital first started in Tampa. Atlanta’s is the second location, and the company says it will be expanding to other U.S. cities soon.

iHospital on Bubba the Love Sponge Morning Show

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

Speaking of the iHospital I didn’t know that they work on iPods and iPads so basically anything Mac?

Bubba: So Spice, the thing about meeting on time, I don’t think an iPod is made to be smashed you know this many times a day.

Spice: Repeatedly?

Bubba: Yeah.

Spice: Well, you know we always going to take it.

Bubba: Seriously?

Spice: Yeah, we take them to the iHospital so that they can fix it.

Bubba: No, seriously.

Spice: Yeah, they’re working all that stuff.

Bubba: They’re working on iPods too?

Spice: Yeah, yeah.

Bubba: Because now sometimes it’ll pause and even a little two bars are up it’s still not pause it at times. Speaking of the iHospital I didn’t know that they work on iPods and iPads so basically anything Mac?

Spice: Yeah, exactly. Even your Macbook.

Bubba: Like a laptop?

Spice: Yeah.

Bubba: Really?

Spice: Yeah. If there’s some problem and they can fix it, they will.

Bubba: I’m a tell you, man, I have my old iPhone that I gave to my stepbrother, Julie right?

Spice: Yeah and that’s old.

Bubba: And it’s like you know two years old maybe older ’cause I got a new one you know in the last Summer or whenever and I gave that to her for her birthday and she was happy. And I ran it through the mail and so you know she probably has this well, well all of a sudden it just wouldn’t power up or what have not so I took it like of the guy requested. I took it to the genius bar or wherever you dispose it, the Mac store, right? It’s the genius lab?

Spice: Yeah, the genius bar.

Bubba: Yeah, well, I didn’t make an appointment I sent a grant wrestles little guy to do it comes back from Apple and says the motherboard’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t do nothing, you’re going to buy a new phone. Well, it’s like you know what let me just send it down the iHospital because another they did something for you and so I send it down there and guess what, they’re like yeah the motherboard is burned out but we can put a new one on there and it’s about half as much as a regular phone.

Spice: That’s easy enough.

Bubba: So, you know Apple wanted to upsell me to you know the all new phone, the all new this, and all new that and iHospital is like I don’t think it was like $65.

Spice: Perfect.

Bubba: A new phone’s like what $150?

Spice: Yes, something like that. I don’t mind like running super slow. I don’t even know what to do about it so I probably going to remind there too because you know if you go to the Mac’s just probably going to upsell me.

Bubba: I’m going to try take my iPhone over there as well because my button like I think I’m wearing a crap on mine, they’ll put a new button in there for you.

Spice: Sweet.

Bubba: I got to confess I haven’t been down there I just send people down there for me.

Spice: You know, I think they’re actually they opened one up in the Atlanta area so if you’re on a country and you’re listening but here locally it’s right on west shore in Kennedy basically.

Bubba: Kind above the 0:02:34.3 [inaudible].

Spice: Exactly, yeah.

Bubba: In that pause or down a little bit?

Spice: Down just a tat.

Bubba: Like on a steam along?

Spice: No, it’s in a plaza but just right down the road from that.

Bubba: West shore in Kennedy, man, if he’s not really Mac based. Don’t think about going to the genius labs so that they can tell you that you need a new one and you’re an idiot. Just go right to the iHospital, it saved me 50 percent. I didn’t need a new phone I just needed a new motherboard. They were able to do it in a day. Love those guys, man. Thank you so much.

iHospital – Fox News Verizon & AT&T iPhone

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

Ross Newman talks about the difference in AT&T’s iPhone and Verizon’s iPhone reception.

To clear the air in this sailor sibling rivalry we set out to test these enemy carriers side-by-side. So, we’ve hooked up with the iPhone hospital in Tampa.

Ross: Hey Chris, how’s it going?

Chris: How you doing?

Chris: Ross helps me out because he is plugged in and I’m cheap. My mobile is seriously old.

Ross: Fully extended antenna. Now you’re going to do single test with that and this.

Chris: For my temporary upgrade I borrowed one AT&T iPhone and one Verizon iPhone.

Ross: You’re going to see, what you need an idea for how both networks work around town. So far, right now Verizon and AT&T both have about same signal strength.

Chris: On first glance they’re almost identical.

Ross: They look pretty much of the same.

Chris: Luckily, for our trial.

Ross: This switch.

Chris: These two are different colors so we don’t confuse competitors.

Ross: You’re going to have AT&T as the white, the black is Verizon.

Chris: With that, it’s time to go for our unscientific test we hop in the jeep. Here we go. Place the phones next to one another and drive around Tampa. On signal strength, we find good but not 100 percent performance on both. Verizon boasts better coverage than AT&T.

iHospital featured on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show on Sirius Radio

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

“Those who have iPhones have had one problem or another and it’s just happens. I think you’d rather go get a root canal than go to the genius factory or whatever it’s called.”

Bubba: Spice, yesterday you had a little bit of a situation. We’ve all had this situation and I know that you don’t want to be a surround. Those who have iPhones have had one problem or another and it’s just happens. I think you’d rather go get a root canal than go to the genius factory or whatever it’s called.

Spice: The genius bar, please.

Bubba: If somebody was to able to spend a few minutes with Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, if they would say that you got a great thing going on but the way that your genius lab or genius bars treats your customer service or your repair division of apple it’s just it talks down to people.

Spice: Yeah, look, I mean sorry we’re not always smart as everybody that works in
an Apple store. I apologize I have a phone made by your company I need to get it fix. Well, I can’t just walk in there and get it fixed. I have to go online. I have to make an appointment. I’ve got to show up early for my appointment make sure I’m on time and make sure I check in and all this kind of crap and chances are they’re just going to tell me I need a new phone anyways and it’s going to cost me couple hundred bucks.

Bubba: And you’re an idiot.

Spice: Yeah, and then they’re going to tell you, you’re an idiot, move.

Bubba: So anyway, Spice had a problem with his iPhone. What was the problem that you have?

Spice: Well, what happened was I dropped it the previous night and the LCD screen that got messed up. So just the screen it went blank on me so literally I had no phone access which was driving me insane.

Bubba: Right. Much either problem that I had when all of sudden my sim card just kept saying no sim, no sim, no sim and I have to reset my call.

Spice: Well, you’re exactly right, yeah.

Bubba: So, you have a problem with your iPhone.

Spice: Yeah, problem on my iPhone. I’ve had this problem with my last one, actually and I took it to the genius bar or whatever they call it and they took one look at it, well, you’re going to buy new one. So, it cost me two hundred bucks or whatever to get a new one and I didn’t question it I just go up. I guess that’s cost doing business and move on. But so yesterday I actually questioned it in someplace.

Bubba: Yeah, Ross who kept the place called Now, not only is an online deal so if you live outside of Tampa you know you can send it in or I guess but it’s physical store as well. And I asked you about on the breaking like you know what I don’t really want to talk about it because I have so many wonderful things to say about this place. It’s such a breath of fresh air, I rather save it on air so be it.

Spice: It just really was nice because again my LCD screen was messed up and I don’t know if I need a new phone or not so I brought it in there and you know everybody super friendly and they’re like, “Okay what’s the problem?” I go okay well my screen here it goes. “Okay cool. I’ll be right back. Give me about 5 minutes.” So, literally took my phone back there brought it out no more than 5 minutes later and knew all the place is busy. I mean it had a lot of customers in there. Brought about 5 minutes later, people are friendly, courteous and the whole thing is fixed like brand new.

The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman Fox Good Day Tampa Bay

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman Fox Good Day Tampa Bay 813-841-7000

Commentator: When you’re in a bit under the weather you just pick up the phone you call your doctor but what happens when your iPhone is sick. Ross Newman is the iPhone doctor and he joins us from the iHospital. Good to see you. How you’ve been, man?

Ross Newman: Good, how are you?

Commentator: I’m good. Thank you. Okay. If you don’t want to go wait in line, you don’t want to go to the genius bar at the Apple store we can come to your place, right?

Ross Newman: That’s correct. Come on down we can help with just about anything that you have that’s Apple.

Commentator: Okay, so I accidentally dropped my iPhone into the toilet and it gets water in it. How much you’re going to charge me to fix it?

Ross Newman: You know we don’t have a flat rate for water damage but I tell you that lots of time it’s going to be cheaper than what’s going to cost to buy a new phone so you ship it down and let’s take a look at it ’cause we can fix it about probably 9 out of 10 times.

Commentator: What if I am living the Gemini, leave my iPhone on the roof of my car when I’m backing out and it falls and it cracks the screen? That happened to me by the way.

Ross Newman: That’s exactly what happened right here to the new iPhone 4.

Commentator: Really?

Ross Newman: So, we bring it in and that is it’s exactly what happens. It happens all the time these phones, people will leave them on the roof of their car and just drop them and go fly and you see they break the front and the back of them but it doesn’t take much for us to fix because we get it brand new again within a matter of 15 to 30 minutes.

Commentator: Ross, are you telling me you can fix that broken phone like that?

Ross Newman: Oh, yeah, we can fix it and we can fix them pretty quickly.

Commentator: And how much for that fix cost?

Ross Newman: On the iPhone 4 it’s a little bit more than other repairs cost or some many different features inside the iPhone 4, it cost a little bit more to fix but that repairs about $179. It’s still cheaper than Apple and you’re going to keep all your data on the phone as well.

Commentator: So, as bad as that phone looked that you were just showing us, that phone is fixable and it’s going to be working fine in just a little time?

Ross Newman: Exactly.

Commentator: Tell me some of the worst things you’ve seen across that have come in the door.

Ross Newman: Some of the worst that have come in the door you know we’ve had a lot of cops who dropped their phones chasing different criminals. Couple of different people who’ve been in Busch Gardens dropping their phones off roller coasters but in really bad shape but you know we get them working again.

Commentator: I’m surprised they even were able to find them and I saw the iPad there, is it all things Apple you fix there not just iPhones?

Ross Newman: It’s everything Apple. I tell you we do a lot of Macintosh computer repairs here. A lot of failing hard drives, these hard drives in any computer they go bad, they fail and you can lose all your data but we have a great team here that can recover data off pretty much any hard drive, any Mac computer and recover all the data put a brand new hard drive and at same the day and get you up and speed back running again.

Commentator: Hey, we got to go but I got to tell people I know that the boys already done a story on you along the way and I know a lot of people have seen this story watch it here Fox 13 and they found you guys. We’re awfully glad we’ve been able to show you off a little bit, okay.

Ross Newman: Thank you as well.

Commentator: Alright, we’ll tell everybody in case you don’t know the iHospital is at 4530 West Kennedy Boulevard and if the phone is working and you want to give them a call the number is (813) 841-7000.

Need a speedy repair or upgrade? Send us an email or dial 1 (888) 407-5767

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