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Say Goodbye to the YouTube App in iOS 6

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iOS 6 does not include YouTube appThe iOS 6 Beta 4 which was just released to developers does not include a dedicated YouTube app. This is a big surprise as the YouTube app has been included on the iPhone operating system since 2007.

This is a surprising move as more and more people are using their mobile devices to watch YouTube videos. For example, according to YouTube:

  • Traffic from mobile devices tripled in 2011
  • More than 10% of global YouTube views come from mobile devices
  • 3 hours of video is uploaded per minute to

For Apple devices, Tampa’s iHospital is a place of healing

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By Elizabeth Behrman, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nikesh Patel, a “Doctor of iDevices,” works on a broken iPad at iHospital’s flagship Kennedy Boulevard location.TAMPA — Ed Davis paced the waiting room, ignoring the coffee and magazines. He was anxious for news about a patient he’d just brought in, one “he would be lost without.”

His iPhone 4S.

It was suffering from a cracked screen, and Davis had rushed it to iHospital.

“I didn’t realize they’d have to take the whole thing apart,” he said while peering through the window to the operating room, where a technician in green surgical scrubs operated on his phone.

Doctors told Davis not to worry.

Screen repairs and replacements are routine procedures at the iHospital, said CEO Ross Newman.

The “Doctors of iDevices,” or DiDs, as iHospital technicians are called, specialize in Apple devices. They perform procedures ranging from cosmetic repair to software upgrades to data recovery on iPods, iPads, iPhones and the whole spectrum of Mac computers.

iHospital is not affiliated with Apple.

In This ER, Doctors Operate on Pocket-Size Patients

Written by iHospital. Posted in Breaking News, iHospital iV, Media Coverage


The patient might have been under water too long. Only a few months old, the victim wasn’t responding.

A doctor, in green surgical scrubs, rushed to his sparkling clean operating room, hopeful the patient could be saved.

The iHospital is a chain of stores that fixes broken Apple products but takes Apple-care to new levels, Ian Sherr reports on Lunch Break. Photo: Julie Busch Branaman for the Wall Street Journal.

After thoroughly scrubbing and putting in some new parts, he tightened the last screw and pushed the power button. The familiar Apple Inc. AAPL +0.81% logo fill the screen of the phone.

This doctor works at the iHospital.

Will Apple Finally Embraces 4G With iPhone 5 and iPad 3?

Written by iHospital. Posted in Breaking News, iHospital iV

Next year’s iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will boast 4G LTE connectivity according to Gizmodo who heard the rumor from the consistently reliable Japanese publication Nikkei Business.  Apple is one of the last remaining mobile giants to embrace 4G technology.  iPhone 4S sales have actually faltered in Korea due to the lack of 4G connectivity.

According to the report Apple CEO Tim Cook has already had conversations with Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo about next summer’s 4G iPad 3 and next fall’s iPhone 5.  The timing also works in Apple’s favor for the jump into the 4G realm.  Lightning network speeds are quickly becoming top stakes for Android devices.  The iPhone 4S trades in speed for better battery life, Cupertino can’t afford to wait this one out.  4G would most likely roll out in the United States first as other countries (such as the UK) don’t have the infrastructure to support 4G in time.

What’s the big deal about 4G and how does it affect me?

4G is the next generation of mobile technology and promises faster speed and better coverage.  Technically speaking, cellular data speeds will be 10x faster than current 3G speeds.  The technology can also solve the “last mile” dilemma (the tricky final leg of connecting users to a network) that hinders desolate areas from getting service (like that random stretch of highway with the creepy guy hitch hiking…. just me?).  In a nutshell, 4G can move faster and reach a broader number of people.

If you live in a desolate area upgrading to a 4G iPhone 5 or iPad 3 is definitely a good move.  Everyone will benefit from faster download speeds – double positive! 4G has the potential to move insanely fast. The various technologies should be able to deliver download speeds of 1Gbps when stationery and 1 Mbps while mobile.  This makes cable and DSL networks look like dial-up.

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Was Steve Jobs Working On The iPhone 5 Until his Last Day?

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News, Breaking News

Steve Jobs was the epitome of dedication. Rumor has it he was working on Apple’s “next project”  - AKA the iPhone 5 – right up until the day he passed away.  We don’t doubt it as Steve was extremely dedicated and always on the forefront of the latest technology.

As one might expect, following the death of Steve Jobs, many rumors and legends have taken on a life of their own. The most recent whispers are related to the notion, proffered by Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar in a recent research note, that Jobs worked on next year’s iPhone 5. But while many tend to take the word of analysts with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to the hyper-secretive Steve Jobs, Apple partner Masayoshi Son, CEO of Softbank, recently recounted an anecdote that appears to confirm this speculation.

During an interview conducted last weekend by the U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos, Son talked about his relationship to Apple and Jobs. Son revealed an interesting series of events during the launch of the iPhone 4S.

Son said, “I visited Apple for the announcement of the iPhone 4S [at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California]. When I was having a meeting with Tim Cook, he said, ‘Oh Masa, sorry I have to quit our meeting.’ I said, ‘Where are you going?’ He said, ‘My boss is calling me.’ That was the day of the announcement of the iPhone 4S. He said that Steve is calling me because he wants to talk about their next product. And the next day, he died.”

Recounting the episode, Son was visible touched by the Apple co-founder’s passion and drive. He went on to say, “Even one day before he passed away, the first subject he wanted to call Tim Cook about…he wanted to talk about the next product… That’s the kind of spirit a true entrepreneur would continue to have until they die. He was very sick, very ill. But the announcement of their newest product made him live longer. Physically he could have died much earlier. But his passion, his love for his own company and dream, about the next products, that made him energized.”

Son didn’t elaborate on which product Jobs discussed with Cook, but given this new information, the speculation that next year’s iPhone 5 will be Jobs’ final master stroke of product innovation now seems far more credible. You can check out the video here.

We at iHospital like to believe Steve had a hand in creating the next iPhone.  It saddens us to think of a world without Steve’s latest invention – he did own 303 patents.  Let’s hope he’s like Tupac Shakur and has a whole safe full of technology just waiting to be released.

Source: PC World

Did the iPhone 4S’s “Find My Friends” Nab a Cheating Wife?

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News, Breaking News

Disgruntled spouses can now use their iPhone 4S’s to nab cheating husbands and wives. Private investigators are striking globally.  Is there anything this phone can’t do?

Welcome to iCheers, where everybody knows your whereabouts. Both Apple and Foursquare are offering new tools for iOS5 that will let us know where our friends are at all times. The iPhone’s ‘Find My Friends‘ feature is pervasive tracking of any of your friends (who opt-in), whereas Foursquare’s Radar simply lets you know anytime a friend (who has opted in) comes into your vicinity, whether you have the Foursquare app running or not. You used to need a private investigator to keep track of people this closely. Now you can just install the ‘Find My Friends’ app on your wife’s new iPhone 4s without her knowledge and see if she goes where she said she was going to go on a Saturday night. That’s what one Machead claims to have done this weekend, and now he’s planning to file for a divorce.

Late Saturday night, “ThomasMetz” posted to MacRumors (via 9to5Mac) about how he turned his wife’s iPhone into a spyPhone:

I got my wife a new 4s and loaded up find my friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village. I’ve had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live [sic] uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there.

via Divorcing wife. Thanks iPhone 4S and Find my Friends – MacRumors Forums.

This could well be a hoax, though the cuckolded spouse did post screenshots of his conversation with his wife as proof:

For non-New Yorkers, “meat packing” is not a reference to what she might have been doing on the Upper East Side, but is the name for a neighborhood much farther south and west where pretty people go to drink, dance, and look pretty.

It speaks to our culture of over-sharing that this guy would want to post his pain to a message forum, where it had the potential to go viral. But there were some voices of reason there, such as the person who wrote:

You should have divorced before you felt it necessary to spy.  Good luck with the next one. Take some time before getting into anything.

By the way. It will mean nothing in court. Lying is proved. Cheating is not. I’m sure there’s an app for that.

In case you’re worried about this guy getting into legal trouble for spying on his wife, be aware of a previous case, in New Jersey, where a judge found that it was okay for a wife to surreptitiously put a GPS tracker on her husband’s car (again to check for extramarital activities). The judge ruled that, because she jointly owned the car, she had the right to install the tracker. However, the judge also said that it did not violate the cheating husband’s right to privacy because he was only being tracked on public streets where the car (and he) were in public view. The fact that a phone goes into a household, out of public view, may make this kind of tracking a bit more legally complicated.

Regardless, it’s fairly amazing that within a week of the feature being released, it’s already allegedly been used this way. A video currently making the rounds — of a baby so used to playing with iPads that she thinks a magazine is “broken” — has prompted discussions of how technology transforms us and “changes our OS” (That’s “operating system,” for the non-geeks out there). I wonder how technologies that allow us to perform near-constant location-surveillance of our friends will transform how we operate.

Just as the baby expects a magazine page to be interactive, will we start expecting our friends to be part of our location ecosystem? Will being given technology tools that make law-enforcement-style surveillance so easy a baby could do it transform us (more than Facebook already has) into a society of spies? Just as we expect everyone to have a Facebook account, perhaps we’ll start expecting everyone to volunteer their whereabouts at all times, as part of the “social OS.” If a friend (or a spouse) chooses NOT to be tracked, will we assume they are up to no good?

Did you download the ‘Find My Friends’ App? Are you breaking your cheating story on the Maury Show? Some may think this is yet another privacy invasion – do you?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source – Forbes Did The iPhone’s ‘Find My Friends’ Already Out a Cheating Wife? 

iPhone 4S Available by Reservation Only

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News, Breaking News

Were you waiting for lines to die down before purchasing your new iPhone 4S? If so, you’ll have to make an appointment.  The stockpiles must have been depleted!

Apple has updated its “how to buy” page for the iPhone 4S to note that Apple retail stores in the United States and Canada are now selling the device on a reservation-only basis. Customers will need to visit Apple’s site after 9:00 PM each evening to reserve a phone for the following day.

iPhone 4S is available in store by reservation only. Reserve yours after 9:00 p.m. tonight for pickup tomorrow. When you come in, you’ll choose a carrier and plan, and we’ll get your iPhone up and running before you leave the store.

MacRumors spoke to a representative at one Apple retail store who noted that that location continues to sell the iPhone 4S to walk-in customers but that supplies are “evaporating”. But as supplies tighten Apple seems to be pushing customers toward the reservation channel in order to minimize lines and disappointed customers.

It seems unlikely that Apple retail stores would refuse to sell unreserved iPhone 4S stocks to walk-in customers, so the company may simply be taking reservations and then distributing any remaining stock each day on a walk-in basis.

Apple is placing some restrictions on iPhone 4S walk-in sales in other countries as well, noting that it will take reservations for both on-contract and SIM-free iPhone 4S models after 9:00 PM, but only on-contract phones will be offered on a walk-in basis in those countries. Limiting walk-in sales of SIM-free handsets is likely designed to discourage mass sales into the grey market, such as in China where the devices are selling for as much as $2000.

Overall, the reservation system isn’t too big of a hindrance. We think people would gladly wait to get their shiny new iPhone 4S’s.  What do you think? Are you making an online reservation in another window as you read this post? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: MacRumors iPhone 4S Sales Now Reservation-Only at Apple Retail Stores in U.S. and Canada

25 Million Install iOS 5!

Written by iHospital. Posted in Apple News, Breaking News

Good Afternoon Appleheads,

I love reading articles about mind blowing statistics that prove Apple is by far one of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in this lovely sphere we call earth.

You know the lame new iPhone 4S? The one that almost every tech writer called “disappointing,” or “not a real upgrade.” The iPhone that “only” added a great-seeming new camera, a way faster brain and a startlingly clever AI assistant? Well, Apple shifted four million of them in three days.

To put that in perspective, the iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million handsets in its launch weekend, and the original iPhone took 74 days to reach the one million mark.

In addition, Apple’s figures say that iOS 5 has already been installed by 25 million people, and that 20 million of them have signed up for iCloud. That last isn’t too surprising, given that the iOS 5 update prompts you to sign up for iCloud as part of the setup process.

20 million new iCloud users also explains the slowdowns to some of Apple’s online services at the end of last week. In fact, given the amount of data going through its servers as people made their fist iCloud backups and Photo Stream syncs, it’s amazing the service held up at all. I guess that the giant North Carolina data center works OK.

Apple doesn’t mention it — of course — but I have a feeling that the later-than-usual shipping date of the iPhone 4S had to do with stockpiling enough new handsets for launch. Even so, the Apple Store is currently showing a wait of 1-2 weeks for new orders. And that’s before the faster-than-usual international roll out starting on October 28th.

This data confirms Apple is on the leading edge of technology when it comes to consumer mobile devices.  Is there anything they can’t do? I can’t wait to see what they come out with next! An iPhone that does your laundry?

Source: Wired – Apple Sells Four Million ‘Disappointing’ iPhone 4Ss in Three Days

Steve Jobs is Dead

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died Wednesday after a long illness. He was 56. Jobs, who reigned as Apple CEO for 14 years, resigned his post in August 2011 and was replaced by Tim Cook, who previously was the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Jobs, in turn, was elected as chairman of Apple’s board of directors.

Both as the founder of the first successful personal-computer company and as the man who transformed a nearly-bankrupt Apple into one of the most successful companies on the planet, Jobs established himself as an American icon of business and technology.

Apple: The Early Years

If Steve Jobs had never returned to Apple after 1985, he’d still be remembered for the Macintosh.

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