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Will Apple Finally Embraces 4G With iPhone 5 and iPad 3?

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Next year’s iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will boast 4G LTE connectivity according to Gizmodo who heard the rumor from the consistently reliable Japanese publication Nikkei Business.  Apple is one of the last remaining mobile giants to embrace 4G technology.  iPhone 4S sales have actually faltered in Korea due to the lack of 4G connectivity.

According to the report Apple CEO Tim Cook has already had conversations with Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo about next summer’s 4G iPad 3 and next fall’s iPhone 5.  The timing also works in Apple’s favor for the jump into the 4G realm.  Lightning network speeds are quickly becoming top stakes for Android devices.  The iPhone 4S trades in speed for better battery life, Cupertino can’t afford to wait this one out.  4G would most likely roll out in the United States first as other countries (such as the UK) don’t have the infrastructure to support 4G in time.

What’s the big deal about 4G and how does it affect me?

4G is the next generation of mobile technology and promises faster speed and better coverage.  Technically speaking, cellular data speeds will be 10x faster than current 3G speeds.  The technology can also solve the “last mile” dilemma (the tricky final leg of connecting users to a network) that hinders desolate areas from getting service (like that random stretch of highway with the creepy guy hitch hiking…. just me?).  In a nutshell, 4G can move faster and reach a broader number of people.

If you live in a desolate area upgrading to a 4G iPhone 5 or iPad 3 is definitely a good move.  Everyone will benefit from faster download speeds – double positive! 4G has the potential to move insanely fast. The various technologies should be able to deliver download speeds of 1Gbps when stationery and 1 Mbps while mobile.  This makes cable and DSL networks look like dial-up.

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