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10 Must-Have Tweaks For Your Mac

Written by iHospital. Posted in How To

Mac TweaksThere are thousands of reasons why you should make the switch to a Mac computer.  If you’re on the fence about making the transition, we are here to share some tweaks and tips to push you over the edge. These tips are sure to make your life much easier and help you be as efficient as possible when using your Mac.  Without further ado:

10 Must-Have Tweaks For Your Mac

1.  How to right-click on a Mac. Unlike PCs, your standard Mac mouse only has one button. Right-click by holding down the Control key and clicking. To make the experience simple, go to preferences and activate “Tap to click” and “Secondary click,” which will allow you to tap the trackpad with two fingers simultaneously to trigger a right click.

2. Change the mouse ball speed.  The mouse tracking on a Mac feels drastically different from that of a PC because it doesn’t accelerate. You can partially alleviate this by turning the tracking speed all the way up.

3.  Stop your monitor dimming.  Mac computer screens dim after a period of inactivity. If you feel like using up more power than necessary, this feature can be turned off in the preferences under the options for “Energy saver.”

4.  Set programs to automatically start upon log in.   Many new Mac users miss having programs automatically start upon booting up their computers. If the program you want to start at initial log on is in your dock, right-click its icon and choose “Open at log-in.”

5.  Introducing hot corners.  Hot corners are a pretty neat feature available to all Mac users.  Each screen corner becomes a hot spot that initiates an action or event when you move your mouse over it, such as rearranging windows to off screen to show the desktop or engaged widgets.

6.  Set up different desktops AKA Spaces.  Spaces allows users to create up to 16 unique desktops.  You can also designate different applications to run on each desktop, while some can run on all – it’s all up to you. You can set up different spaces for web browsing, iTunes and iPhoto, email and communications as well as Photoshop and design.

7.  Hide applications and files, or make them reappear.  If you wish to view files that are hidden on default, simply type this into the terminal: “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE”. If you wish to hide windows and files,  hit Command + h, but you won’t get an indication that a window is hidden once it’s gone.

8.  Master the Zoom.  One of the biggest things to get used to with Macs is the Zoom function. It will increase the window size to fit the screen but the window will remain draggable. Sometimes this doesn’t even work, and it instead changes the size of the window in strange and unpredictable ways. Check out this neat plug in called Right Zoom to solve this issue.

9.  Add folders or drives to the dock.  This is a great thing to do for drives and folders that you use often. First you open a Finder window containing the application, file, or folder that you want to put on your Dock. Then you click the item that you want to add and drag it out of the Finder window and over onto the Dock.

10. Enable the Tab key.   You can set up  the Tab Key to switch between dialog buttons, fields, and anything else in a dialog box on a Mac.  First you launch System Preferences. Then you click Shortcuts and select Keyboard Shortcuts. Look for Full Keyboard Access and click the radio button next to All controls.  You’re done!

We hope you enjoyed our 10 must-have tweaks for you Mac.  Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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