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13 Ways the iPhone Will Exceed Your Business Needs

Written by iHospital. Posted in How To

how to use your iPhone for businessLet’s face it. There aren’t many jobs that don’t require you to have access to a computer anymore.  With that in mind, I bet you are reading this blog post if you are contemplating getting a smartphone to improve your efficiency while on the job and away from work. Here at iHospital, we are avid fans of Apple’s legendary iPhone, and we think it will improve your business efficiency and productivity.

Here are 13 ways the iPhone will exceed your business needs:

1.  Using iPhone’s built-in Voice Memos, you can quickly create record voice notes and business meetings.

2.  Send unlimited messages, pictures, and video clips via iMessage between iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch. Please note this requires iOS 5 or later.

3.  Using the Yammer application, you can converse and collaborate with your colleagues on a secure and private network.

4.  Using Roambi Analytics Visualizer, you can analyze business metrics with intuitive dashboards.

5. Track your hours and send invoices using the Time Master + Billing app. This app is used by consultants, attorneys and contractors. It is extremely efficient and full of features you’ll love. It also creates professional looking invoices.

6.  You can easily input and synchronize your task list using OmniFocus for iPhone.  You can keep track of tasks by person, project or date.  It’s easy to add voice memos and images to tasks as well.

7. Do you use Basecamp for project management? If so, you’ll love Outpost 2 – Basecamp for the iPhone and iPad. You can track your time, view your calendar, create milestones and much more.

8. Use Quickoffice Pro to bring Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to your iPhone.  You can edit and create files as well.

9.  GoToMeeting allows you to look at and share spreadsheets, slides and much more all from your iPhone.

10.  You don’t have to be in the office to meet with your colleagues. Use FaceTime to virtually meet face-to-face using your iPhone over a WiFi connection.  FaceTime is a built-in application on your iPhone.

11. Create all sorts of lists using iPhone’s built in list application called Reminders. You can also add deadlines and locations to each list.

12.  Do you use LinkedIn for business development? Download the iPhone LinkedIn application to add and track your connections.

13. It’s simple to sync your iPhone with your PC email using the IMAP application.  The compatible email clients include iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and Hotmail.

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market today.  It is especially useful when it comes to organizing your business on a daily basis.  We hope you enjoyed our 13 tips and look forward to hearing your ideas on how an iPhone will benefit you in the comments below.

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