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3 Easy Mac Tweaks All Apple Fans Should Know

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Finder (software)

Finder (software) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of our recent blog posts was all about how to pick which Mac is right for you.  Hopefully you’ve purchased your Mac and have become an Apple fan! Today, we’re discussing three easy Mac tweaks to make your life easier when using your Mac computer.

Enable Desktop Widgets

By default, Apple widgets are located in the dashboard that pops up when you hit certain keys or a hot corner.  Also, the more widgets you have running, the longer they take to start up the first time you activate them after a restart.  If you’d like to have your widgets available on your desktop, type in the following command into your Mac terminal: “defaults write devmode YES”.

Smart Finder

People either love or hate Finder, the Mac file explorer. There are a couple ways to make it a little more efficient.  For example, right click on the upper part of a finder window, and you’ll be able to configure the buttons in the finder window.  You can choose “customize toolbar” and add the Delete, Path and New Folder buttons (or any other ones you want).

Dock Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is Mac’s version of task manager in Windows.  Adding the activity monitor to the dock allows you to see useful information such as a pie chart displaying how much memory is being used, a processor graph of activity and much more.  You can also click on the activity monitor to force quit an application or find a ton of information about your ongoing processes.

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So there you have it, three easy hacks for your Mac computer that will turn you into a true blue Apple fan.  These tips and tricks will also make your life much easier.  As you travel down the path of transitioning from a PC to a Mac, check our how to posts for lots of great information on Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad shortcuts.  Feel free to add your favorite Mac tweaks in the comments below. We love hearing from you.

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