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How to Add a Screen Protector on your iPhone or iPod without Bubbles

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how to add a screen protector on your iphoneAdding a screen protector to your iPhone or iPod is a must when it comes to keeping your Apple device’s screen free of scratches.  All you have to do is take a look on eBay at all the iPhones and iPads for sale and you’ll see many of them say things like “screen scratched”, “marked screen” or “faint scratches on screen”.  If you decide to go without a screen protector and something happens, you’ll never forgive yourself!  But if you do need an iPhone repair or iPod repair you know where to come!

You must take care when applying a screen protector to your iPhone or iPod otherwise it can gather dirt, get smudges and like the title implies, get bubbles trapped under the surface.  Bubbled are caused when there is lint on the screen or when there is air under the screen protector.

Here’s How to Add a Screen Protector on your iPhone or iPod without Bubbles

1.  Make sure you are sitting somewhere where there is little or no dust and have a clean work surface to work with.

2.  Put your screen protector in a bowl of water and make sure the bowl is big enough to cover the entire screen.  Don’t bend the protector either.

3.  The first step is wiping all the dirt and lint of your Apple device’s screen. Most screens come with a special cloths that wipe away all the lint of your iPhone or iPod’s screen.  You can also use Canned air.

4.  Take the screen protector out of the water and put it up against a colored surface and get rid of any dust or lint on it.  Let it dry.  Once you’re done with that, use the Canned air to get rid of all the dust particles.

3.  Apply one side of the screen protector down on the bottom of your iPhone or iPod and with a credit card or book (something with a hard surface), slide the protector on.  This should allow you to have no bubbles or dust trapped underneath the screen protector.

5.  If you do get bubbles underneath your screen protector start again at step 1.

Screen protectors can range in prices from cheap to expensive.  Adding even the cheapest protector is far more acceptable than a scratch on your iPhone or iPod’s screen.  Visit on of our iHospital locations to speak with one of our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices about which screen protector is right for your Apple device.

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