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How to Connect a Keyboard to Your iPhone

Written by iHospital. Posted in How To

how to connect an iPhone to a Keyboard

Here is a brief tutorial on how to connect a keyboard to your iPhone.  This is a great time saving idea if you need to type in large amounts of text into an email or iMessage, and you’re tired of tapping away on your iPhone screen.  Your iPhone must be updated to iOS 4.0 to be able to interface with a Bluetooth keyboard.  Don’t forget, a wireless keyboard will work from approximately 30 feet away from your iPhone.

How to Connect a Keyboard to Your iPhone

1) Turn your iPhone on and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled.  This is done by going  Settings > General > Bluetooth > On.  This may seem like a no-brainer but many people turn off Bluetooth to extend the life of their battery.

2) You’ll see a “Now Discoverable” notice pop up on your iPhone’s screen with a list of paired Bluetooth devices.  These are all the devices that your iPhone knows how to connect too.  

3) Now you need to get your keyboard and push and hold down the pairing button.  If you have an Apple keyboard, this is the round flush button on the right hand side of the keyboard’s base.  You’ll also want to hold down the Fn key while you hold down the button.  You need to hold down the button until it changes to pairing mode and this is usually apparent when the status light changes.

4) Check your iPhone’s screen.  There should be a message on the screen that indicates that an unpaired ‘Keyboard’ has been found.  Tap the name of the keyboard you’d like to pair. Type the number the iPhone gives you on the keyboard and press enter.

5. Done! Your status screen will say that your keyboard is now connected to your iPhone and you can start typing away.  Typing from your paired keyboard is easy.  Just go to the desired application and start.

Please note that your iPhone and keyboard will continue to be paired until you turn Bluetooth off.  We hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial on how to connect a keyboard to your iPhone.  This can be quite an efficient way of entering in large amounts of text into your iPhone. If you have any further questions about keyboards and iPhones, please let us know in the comments section and one of our D.i.D. Doctors of iDevices will get in touch.

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@drewhackworth Glad you liked the tutorial! Hope it helps!

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