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3 Ways to Keep Your iPhone Hack Free

Written by iHospital. Posted in How To

how to keep your iPhone hack free CNN recently reported how all your iPhone apps could be hacked at once which quickly led to privacy concerns and Internet buzz about how to keep your iPhone hack free.

This paired with the recent Trojan Loophole has been keeping the Apple engineers up at night working hard to keep your iPhone, iPad and Mac’s hack free. But, as die hard Apple fans, we know that our beloved devices are some of the most secure on the market, and our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices wanted to share three ways to keep your iPhones hack-free.

1.  Ensure that you enable the Passcode Lock on your iPhone. This is done by tapping “Settings” and then “General” and swiping the “Passcode Lock” to “ON”.  Enter a four digit code that is easy to remember but hard to figure out. (Don’t pick 1234, 4321 or all the same numbers). Please note from this setting you can also decide if you want to set “Erase Data” to on. Turning this on will cause all your iPhone data to delete after ten failed password attempts.  If you happen to forget your iPhone passcode, check out our previous post How To Reset Your iPhone Passcode.

2.  Download the free Find my iPhone app from the App Store. You can also install this app on your iPod Touch or iPad. If you lose your iPhone, Find my iPhone will help you locate it on a map. After finding it, you can choose to display a message, play a sound, lock your device or erase all the data. Find my iPhone must be set up in iCloud to work properly.  Don’t forget, you must have Passcode Lock set to “On” for this app to work efficiently. A techie thief might know to disable Location Services which would disable Find my iPhone. You can also set up your Restrictions to change settings such as granting access to install apps, changing email settings or accessing iCloud to enable/disable Find my iPhone or Location Services.

3.  Consider downloading an application such as mSecure if you keep passwords in the Notes section of your iPhone. This app allows you to store private information in a safe and secure fashion. Features include auto-lock, a password generator, sync everywhere and email attachment backup. This app is used by over one million people so you know they’re doing something right. This app costs $9.99 and is available in the App Store.

Rest assured, Apple has drastically improved its security features over the past few years which should make Apple fans rest easy. The iPad has even made its way into the White House and U.S. Military, so you know they must have a pretty rigorous testing algorithm.

Do you have any other ways to keep your beloved iPhone hack-free? Let us know in the comments below.

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