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How to add a New Event to your iPhone Calendar

Written by iHospital. Posted in How To

1. Open the Calendar app from your iPhone.

2. Choose the date for which you want to add the new event on, and then press the + symbol in the upper right.

3. Select the Title and the Location of your event.

4.Once you have finished press Done in the upper right

5. Next select the Start and End time of your event. When you have finished press Done.

6. Next select how often you want the event to Repeat. When you have finished press done.

7. Then choose if you want your event to have an alert and how soon before you want the alert to go off. When you have finished press done.

8. Look over your event to make sure everything is correct. When you are satisfied press done.

9.You can check over your event again to make sure you are satisfied. If you want to make any changes press edit in the upper right.

10. If you want to delete your event, Press the edit button in the top right of the event. Then scroll to the bottom of the event and press Delete Event


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