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How To Download YouTube Videos on Your Mac

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QuickTime 7

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Did you know that over 4 billion hours of YouTube video are watched each month? The popular video website also receives over 800 million unique visitors each month.  This post explains how to download YouTube videos on your Mac for offline viewing.  Downloading YouTube videos to your Mac’s hard drive is a great idea for when you don’t have an Internet connection. All you need is your Safari browser and QuickTime 7 Pro.

How To Download YouTube Videos on Your Mac

1)  Find the video you wish to download on YouTube.  There are many ways to find videos using a variety of search functions. After picking your desired video, make sure you determine the video resolution you want. These options include 360, 480, etc.  Also, it’s important to only download videos that are in the public domain that don’t violate copyright rules.

2)  Open the Safari Activity Menu by selecting Window > Activity.  Afterwards, find the URL of the video that is loading. It will be shown in the Activity dialog box. It will let you know the current download status as well.  Double-click the downloading file and a new window will open in Safari.  After this new tab opens, copy the URL that appears in the Safari address bar.  To ensure you have copied the entire URL address, click in the address bar and type Command + A, and then Command + C.

3)  Open QuickTime 7 Pro and press Command + U.  In the next dialog box, paste the URL that you copied in Step 2. Click OK. A new window will open and the video will begin to play in QuickTime. Wait for the video to load before moving on to step 4.

4) Press Save after the video has finished loading in QuickTime 7 Pro. You will now be prompted to save the file, and specify a file name and file location.

Whether you’re interested in watching Annoying Orange, baby kittens or full length documentaries, YouTube has something for you.  Shockingly, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.  So if you’re interested in downloading YouTube videos to your Mac’s hard drive, all you need is Safari and QuickTIme 7 Pro.  You’ll be able to watch all your favorite videos, even when there isn’t an Internet connection.

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The Activity menu has been removed with Mountain Lion. Gutted as this was a great feature, although admittedly you only need hold down Option and double-click the video in Activity to auto Download in Safari. No need for Quicktime.

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