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How To Re-size a Picture on Your Mac

Written by iHospital. Posted in How To

how to resize an image on your macThere are many reasons you might want to re-size an image. Maybe you’re creating a favicon for a new website which would requires a very small image. Or, perhaps you want to create a customized Twitter background and need a large image. Also, some websites require that images that are small in size as they load faster. As long as you have your beloved Mac computer, you’ll be able to transform your image into any size you wish. No extra software is needed.

Here are instructions on how to re-size an image on a Mac

1.)  Open the  Finder on your Mac by clicking on the Mac icon in the dock and find the picture you wish to re-size.

2.)  Using your mouse, command-click the desired image and move your cursor over “Open With”.  Select “Preview” from the drop down menu that appears.  Your image will now be opened in a new window.  So far pretty easy right?

3.) With the Preview window highlighted, select “Tools” in the top bar to drop down that menu.  Now select “Adjust Size” and a new window will slide down over the image.

4.)  Select the “Width” field and entire your chosen width.  The height size will automatically adjust unless you have unselected “Scale proportionately”. At the bottom of the window, the resulting size will appear in KBs or GBs accordingly.  Keep playing around with the image size until you get it just right.

5.)  Select “OK”.  The image will now change size in preview mode.

6.)  Select the “File” menu which can be found in the top bar and pick “Save” or “Save As”. Please note that if you pick “Save” the original image will be replaced with the re-sized version.  If you select “Save As” you can save it as a new file with a new name.  Your old image in its original size will be saved as well.

7.) Now you can quit out of preview mode by dropping down the “File” menu, and select “Quit Preview”.

Now you have correctly re-sized your image for whatever use you need.  This skill will allow you to meet all the requirements for creating customized images, favicons, websites and much more.  We hope you enjoyed our article on how to re-size pictures on your Mac.

Do you have any other questions for our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices?  Please post them in the comments below or contact us anytime.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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