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How to Update Your Mac’s OS X Software

Written by iHospital. Posted in How To

how to update your Mac's software These are instructions on how to get the latest updates for your Mac OS X software.  

Your Mac gets updates from Apple through a feature called Software Update.  Prior to running Software Update, make sure you have saved all your documents as you are required to reboot your Mac afterwards. It might take a few minutes for this feature to run as well.

By default, your computer will automatically check for Mac OS X software updates on a weekly basis.  If you prefer, you can set the software update checks from weekly to daily to monthly.  You can also turn them off if you wish, but we don’t recommend this.

Mac OS X v10.5 and later versions allow you to set Software Update to automatically download updates.  You will still be notified when the updates are ready to be installed.

You may wish to to use a standalone downstaller from Apple Support Downloads in certain instances including:

  1. If you might need the file at a later date
  2. If you need to install the update on multiple Mac’s and need a portable file
  3. If you have a faster Internet connection available on another Mac
  4. When you don’t have an Internet connection on a Mac that needs an update

If you need a standalone copy of a particular Apple software update, you can download it from Apple Support Downloads.

Here are instructions on how to get the latest updates for your Mac OS X software:

1)  Choose “Software Update” from the Apple menu.

2)  Choosing “Software Update” allows your Mac to check for all available updates.  A Software Updates window will open.  From here, you can select the items you want to install.  You should almost always install all available updates. If you see an update you don’t need, you have the option to hide it if you want to.

3)  Enter your administrator name and password.

4)  You will be asked to restart your computer after your Mac has downloaded all the new software.

We hoped you found these instructions useful for how to update your Mac’s OS X software using the Software Updates feature.  Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to use our Contact Us form or leave a comment below.

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