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11 Eye-Opening Features and Updates of iOS 6

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11 new features of iOS 6Everyone is anxiously awaiting the debut of Apple’s iOS 6 which is expected to arrive in the fall of 2012.  Apple proudly launched iOS 6 during it’s WordWide Developers Conference in June, 2012 and we’re here to share the most popular and talked about features and updates.  See our previous post, Top 10 Instagram Photos from WWDC 2012, for a detailed look at the conference via images.  Our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices put together the following list of 11 eye-opening features and updates to expect in the highly anticipated iOS 6:

1. Maps.  Instead of using Google maps, Apple will be using its own newly designed map app for iOS 6.  Unlike Google, this map can be tilted to view the map from an angle and there’s no pixelation when you zoom in as it’s vector based.  Apple is also introducing turn-by-turn navigation similar to the Android.  Users can follow maps with 3D views, look at road signs for their new turn and check traffic.

2. Siri.  The quirky little voice assistant is getting an upgrade to know more about sports and movies.  You can ask Siri about the current status of the Olympic games or what movie is playing at your local movie theater.  Check out our previous post, 5 best apps for the 2012 London Olympics, for more information on how to follow the upcoming games on your favorite Apple devices.  

3. Facebook.  Finally! Apple has added Facebook integration into iOS 6.  It’s easier to post updates, take pictures and follow your friends.  This is a great move for Apple as they generally used to shun Facebook.  See our previous post, Apple’s New Mac OS X doesn’t support Facebook Sharing, for more information.  With the new Facebook integration, you can share your location from Maps and share your game scores if you’re into Facebook games like Bejeweled.

4. Passbook. Passbook is Apple’s version of Google Wallet. Instead of paying for items using your smartphone, Apple created Passbook to organize your loyalty and gift cards in one convenient place.  You can use Passbook to organize your electronic tickets, boarding passes, bar-code enabled cards and much more.

5. Decline calls discreetly. You now have the option to respond to a call with one of several pre-written text messages.  For example, if you’re in the middle of a movie and you don’t want to take a call, you can choose “reply with message” and select “I’ll call you in 1 hour” or any other custom message you like.

ios 6 updates and features6. Quiet Hours.  This new feature allows you to choose times when all calls will be sent to voicemail.  You can still choose to take calls from your favorite groups or contacts if you wish.

7.  Mail Box.  Your mailbox will now include a special VIP list that shows messages from your most important contacts.  Because the list is iCloud enabled, you’ll see your VIP list across all your synced Apple devices including the iPad, Mac and iPod Touch. It’s also easier to add photos and videos to e-mail messages.

8. Offline web browsing.  You’ll be happy to know that now you can browse web pages even when there isn’t a web connection.  When online, add web pages to your offline reading list and you can look at them even when there’s no connection.

9. Password not required to download free apps and upgrades.  Apple users won’t have to enter their password into the App Store to download free apps or update an existing purchased app.  This is the case for both free and paid applications.  Parents who let their kids play on their iPhone or iPad might not like this update as their kids can now download without asking!  Parents, read our previous post, Top 3 iPhone Apps for Kids, for apps you’ll love for your children.

10. Find my Friends. Want to know where your friends are at all times? If they use iOS 6 on their Apple devices, and they also have you as a connection on Find my Friends, you’ll be able to get notifications when they come and go from specific locations.  It’s the super stalker application we love!

11. Lost iPhones are Easier to Find! If you lose your iPhone or iPad, you can use iCloud to put the device in Lost Mode.  Your lost device will be locked and will display a contact phone number. The Find my Phone application will also show it’s geolocation on a map.

While iOS 6 won’t be available for download until the fall, Apple proudly announced most of the features during the WWDC 2012 conference in the summer of 2012.  We think the eleven new features and updates listed above will be a welcome addition that all Apple fans are sure to love! What feature are you most looking forward too? Did Apple miss anything? As always, please tell us what you think in the comments below.

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