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3 Reasons Why Not Having an iPad Protective Case is a Really Dumb Idea

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It’s official: Not having an iPad protective case is a really dumb idea.  It’s almost as dumb as thinking you won’t have to wait in line to purchase the new iPad 3 rumored to be released in the spring.  We recently discussed why you should protect your iPhone, iPad and iPhone. Now it’s time to tackle the iPad specifically.  Here are the top three reasons why not having an iPad case is truly a ridiculous idea.

1.) Cracked or broken iPad screens are one of the most preventable accidents we repair at iHospital.  The remedy is simple; buy a case that you never have to take off.  The biggest excuse we hear every day is, “I meant to put the case back on but dropped it first.” Why do you need to take the case off in the first place? I know naked (caseless) iPads are sleek and shiny to look at and play with, but is it really worth the risk? Purchasing a protective iPad case will provide excellent protection against shocks and impacts, dust and wear and tear.  You can’t afford to not purchase a case.

2.) Buying a new iPad protective case is easy and pain-free.  iHospital carries a vast assortment of case styles and colors that are sure to match your style and budget.  You can choose from a variety of materials including leather, gel, silicone, polycarbonate, plastic and more.  Case thickness can vary from ultra thin to fairly think depending on your preference.  Prices range from $39 to $99+.

3.) iPad Protective can cases come with a variety of features other than just protecting your iPad. For example, some cases feature an embedded magnetic lining that triggers the magical sleep/awake feature of the iPad 2 which will help extend the life of your battery.  Other cases can be adjusted into comfortable viewing and/or typing modes.

All iPad protective cases are lightweight enough to carry anywhere and include holes for headphone jacks, the dock connector port, and on/off and volume buttons.

We’ve been brutally honest in our opinion that not having an iPad protective case is a really dumb idea.  We’d love to hear your frank thoughts on the matter as well.  Is there any reason not to purchase a protective case? Do you have a favorite case you’d love to share with the world? Would you add any other reasons to my three above? C’mon, share your thoughts with everyone!

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