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Top 3 iPhone Apps for Kids

Written by iHospital. Posted in iHospital iV

top 3 apps for kidsIt’s summer and guess what that means? Your kids are home from school. And when they aren’t outside playing, they are most likely playing electronics including your beloved iPhone.  Instead of getting stressed out when they open up your calendar, or fiddle with your contacts, download these three applications to keep them busy!  You can thank us later.

Top 3 iPhone Apps for Kids

1. Toca Boca Toca Train.  $1.99 – this app is aimed primarily for kids in preschool and kindergarten, and it encourages kids to use their imagination with ever flick, swipe and tick.  Your iPhone is turned into a toy train set that your kids are sure to love.  The controls are specifically designed for small fingers which is a definite plus in our books.  Toca Train is easy to learn and overall, we know it will be a hit. Just pull the levers, push the buttons and start exploring!

2. Icebox Doodle. $0.99 – this app is perfect for the summer and lets your kids make custom designed frozen treats from your iPhone.  Forget the ice cream truck, spend just $0.99 and keep your kids entertained for hours! With Icebox Doodle, your kids can make ice pops, pudding pops, smoothie pops, frozen bananas, shaved ice and frozen yogurt.  Customize your creations with chocolate sauce and other mess-free toppings! A definite must have for all the parents out there. 

3. StoryLines for Schools- Free – this is an award-winning application where kids play “telephone” with pictures.  Kids get to learn new vocabulary and language concepts customized for each grade.  Creativity is sparked and kids are entertained for hours on end! A win-win for parents and kids.

These games are great for when you’re stuck in line at the grocery store or when you’re stuck in the car with the children. Instead of getting even more stressed out when your kids tell you that they’re bored, just pass them your trusty iPhone and keep them busy for hours on end! Do you have any handy apps you’d like to share that entertain your little ones? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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Funny, the title and subtitle say "Top 3 iPhone Apps for Kids" but if you'll closely read the first paragraph you'll see "download these five applications to keep them busy!"


 @Phone System Good catch! We fixed it now. Do you have any apps that your kids love to play?

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