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3 Ways to Keep Your iPhone 5 Safe from Hackers

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how to keep your iPhone safe from hackersWhen Apple announced the iPhone 5 to the world earlier this year, many people started asking, “how can I keep my iPhone 5 safe?”. This is largely due to the fact that more and more hackers getting a hold of iPhone users’ private information. A well known group of hackers called AntiSec claimed they hacked more than 12 million Apple device ID’s from an FBI agent’s computer; however, this claim was later deemed fake when Paul DeHart, CEO of a company called Blue Toad, said his business was the source of this information.

In the end, iPhone 5 users need to keep their Apple device ID numbers safe and secure because this number is linked to user’s names, cellphone numbers and addresses. Scary right?

Here are 3 ways to keep your iPhone 5 safe from hackers:


Keep your iPhone 5 safe by enabling a password. This is done by going to Settings>General>Passcode Lock. A new screen will appear and you’ll be prompted to enter 4-digit code and re-enter to confirm. You should also put a password on your SIM card to keep hackers from using your account.


Because iPhone 5’s come preloaded with iWallet, it’s important you set up your financial applications correctly from the start. Come up with longer passwords that include letters and numbers and never select “Remember me” when logging into these accounts. You should also consider setting up notifications by text and email of any odd transactions including large amounts being taken out or unusual transfers.


Did you know that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB cords are all potential ways hackers can attack your iPhone 5? It’s important for you to enter a password anytime you connect your iPhone 5 to another device via USB port. Hackers are well versed when it comes to hacking Bluetooth devices so you should turn off your Bluetooth anytime you’re not using it. You should also only use Wi-Fi networks that require passwords too.

An iPhone 5 is a big investment and it’s vitally important you learn how to keep your iPhone 5 safe from hackers. Use passwords to protect your data and iPhone and be aware of connections. These steps are sure to keep the hackers away which will save you lots of stress in the future! Do you have any tips to share? Please leave them in the comment section below.

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