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3 Ways Not To Annoy People Using Siri

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Hey you! Yes you over there sitting in the quiet restaurant, the subway, the bus and/or in the lineup, yelling at your iPhone! I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here – I’m sure you don’t realize how incredibly annoying it is to hear someone yelling at Siri (Apple’s new personal assistant that comes with the iPhone 4S with  iOS 5). Put the iPhone down and come over here for a second – I’m going to give you some tips on how to be less aggravating while using Siri on your iPhone.

1.  Tap Instead. Don’t use Siri if you are within fifteen feet of people in a restaurant or public transportation.  If you find yourself having to raise your voice, tap instead.  Siri is an optional feature and you can do everything you need with your fingers too.  Don’t worry about using Siri if you’re in a busy location where you aren’t bothering people.  Just use your common sense.

2. Hold Your Phone Like a Regular Person.  The only reason we see people holding their phones in front of them is because we’ve watching too many YouTube videos.  Hold your phone the old fashioned way – up to your ear. Speakers aren’t needed whatsoever.

3. Quit Bragging! We all know how much you love Siri – we see you using it every chance you get.  Remember when Bluetooth was first invented? Remember what we thought of those people exaggerating their hands-free action? Quit it.  We love you just the way you are.  Feel free to show off Siri to your friends who are interested to see how it works.  Don’t forget to ask her funny questions like where do babies come from? What’s your favorite color? Or ask her to tell a joke.  Trust us, you’ll be a lot more popular.

Stop using Siri if you starting getting looks from people around you (you know those types of looks).  There is plenty of time to enjoy Siri when you’re in the right environment.  Practice phone etiquette and you’ll be fine!

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