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Apple’s New Mac OS X doesn’t Support Facebook Sharing

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Are you excited to test out Apple’s New Mac OS X ‘Mountain Lion’ this summer? Are you one of the 800 million+ members of Facebook? Mountain Lion includes a sharing utility that syncs with most applications but guess which gargantuan social media network is missing? You got it – Facebook.  With more than eight times as many active users than Twitter, you’d think Facebook would be number one in their list of sharing applications.

One of Mountain Lion’s newest elements is called “Shared Sheets” which it imported from its mobile iOS platform.  Users can easily bookmark items, add them to their reading list, message them, Tweet them and more.  Interestingly, Facebook is not listed among the list of applications in Mountain Lion’s new share sheets.  

There aren’t any apparent technical barriers as to why Facebook isn’t included.  Gartner analyst Ray Valdes says, “Probably there is some substantial issue having to do with revenue, ownership or business model which leads us to believe there must be a case of stalled negotiations.  He goes on to say that Facebook is likely playing hard to get instead of Apple trying to shut out a perceived competitor.

Facebook likes to keep people within its entry points and and appearing on Apple’s menu bar would allow Apple to “own that piece of the perimeter” according to Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates.   Facebook also likes to keep people within their network, even when playing music, which means it could be a potential threat to Apple.

Will Facebook and Apple ever be on friendly terms? Probably.  It’s just a question of finding mutually agreeable terms that benefit both Apple and Facebook.  Apple didn’t respond for requests to comment, however, Facebook’s representatives said, “iOS is an important platform for Facebook and we have a good relationship with Apple.” But, she said, “we don’t comment on what we might or might do in the future.”

What do you think? Do you find it a big nuisance that Facebook and Apple aren’t more intertwined? Let us know in the comments below!

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