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At the bottom of the iPhone 5, the downside to buying it

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It’s no secret a lot of people are salivating at the chance to take a bite out of Apple’s newest iPhone. The new iPhone 5 has plenty of new bells and whistles to boast: it’s bigger, faster and has a better camera.

But the downside appears to be on the bottom of the phone.

“The new connector is bitter sweet,” said Justin Saturley, a technician with Tampa’s iHospital.

Dubbed “Lightning,” the connector is smaller than the one that’s used on current Apple products, which means you’ll need an adapter for your old accessories. And Apple will be happy to sell you the new adapter, for around $30.

“There was no way for them to make the phone thinner and better without changing that connector. That 30 pin connecter was so just so large,” Saturley said.

The technicians at the iHospital hope to have them soon after launch. For most, it’ll be a must-buy along with their shiny new phone.

“That’s kind of upsetting. It really is,” said Nate Lingle, an iPhone user.

“If it gets better, I won’t have to keep buying chargers for it,” said iPhone user Morgan Lorenti

Because it’s Apple, don’t expect those long lines to shrink on launch day. The new connector appears to be a small price to pay for the latest and greatest.

“When push comes to shove, I’m not buying a new iPhone for the connector. If that’s the one drawback to the new iPhone, I can handle it,” Saturley said.

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