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Do You Prefer iWork over Microsoft Office?

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iWork versus Microsoft OfficeHave you made the switch from PC to Mac? If the answer is yes, congratulations! Most people never look back after dropping their PCs.  Even though you switched hardware, did you switch software too? In other words, are you using iWork instead of Microsoft Office?

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Microsoft has worked very hard to ensure users can still use their beloved software on Macs with their Office suites.  But have they worked hard enough to blow iWork out of the water? Here are some comparisons on how they stack up against each other.

Word versus Pages

Most of us grew up using some version of Microsoft’s Word program.  It’s a definite powerhouse when it comes to word processing.  Pages does offer an advantage here when you are interested in creating colorful newsletter or brochures.  Pages also easily accepts personal media to create professional looking documents.  Word beats out Pages when creating columns within a document.  You can also print to PDF when using Pages.  This is available in Word but requires more work.  Pages is also a winner when it comes to handling graphics within documents.

Excel versus Numbers

Word and Pages are very similar to each other.  Excel and Numbers is just the opposite.  They both offer very different features.  Excel is a much better spreadsheet application while Numbers was designed to be a word processor that is devoted to hosting spreadsheet objects.

PowerPoint versus Keynote

Keynote is one of the main reasons people love iWork. It is very impressive and offers many features over PowerPoint.  Everything PowerPoint can do Keynote can do better.  The built in templates are visually stunning and it’s simple to create your own as well. Both Keynote and PowerPoint offer many pointless animations that we don’t suggest you use, ever. It’s also to export Keynote slides into JPEGs for use with other software.  The only time you’ll see a problem is when you work with someone that only uses PowerPoint – they don’t jive with each other well.  Trust us when we say your Keynote presentations will make PowerPointers look lazy!

Some final notes

It’s possible to save iWork files in MS Office formats as long as your documents don’t have a lot of complex formatting. iWork is much cheaper than Microsoft Office and each app is $20 (Pages, Keynote, Numbers, etc.).

It all depends on personal preference when deciding which ones you prefer.  Overall, we found many people preferred iWork over Microsoft Office when working with word processing and presentations.  Opinions relating to Excel and Numbers (spreadsheets) were about equal.  How do you like iWork and Microsoft Office? Which one do you prefer? Our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices look forward to hearing from you.

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