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FanCake Application Review

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IOS iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad Application: FanCake – FREE! – Score: 4 IV’s

If your nerd passions run deep for sports and gadgets then owning an Apple device like an iPad or iPhone is any sports junkie’s dream. Not only can you hang out in front of the TV and watch your favorite team hopefully crush their opponents but you can also be kept in the loop of all the other major sports action you’re not watching through your second screen, as well as the big sports news items of the day and anything sports related trending on Twitter.

If you’re not really aware of the term “second screen” you will be soon enough, at least if some second screen sports apps such as FanCake by Kwarter have anything to say about it!

What is FanCake?

 The FanCake app has become my second screen sports app of choice and one that’s very simple to use. Once you’ve downloaded the app from the App Store and synced to the app through your Facebook account you’ll come across thousands of other sports fans looking for a new and interactive way to watch sports; here’s a description of the app from their homepage:

“FanCake is a live social game for sports fans. Take part in a competition of your own, based directly on the action on TV. Watching sports is now more social, fun, and rewarding with FanCake!”

What is a second screen in sports app terminology?

The first screen is the television you’re watching sports on and the second screen is the iPhone or iPad you’re using to access the app while watching the game. The great thing about watching sports is how interactive a process it is. Sports fans everywhere enjoying debating what’s going on in the game or trying to make predictions as to whether or not there’ll be a red zone touchdown or power-play goal. Other than harmless trash talk sports fans have no control over the action they’re watching on the first screen but they can do something about it through FanCake’s second screen app.

What are some FanCake features?

One of the many fantastic features of FanCake is in-game predictions where you get to take a stab at what’ll happen next in the game you’re watching, be it making a guess as to what the next basket in a basketball game will be or whether or not a kick-off return will be brought back to the house for a touchdown on the gridiron.

The other popular app feature of FanCake is medal grabbing, where a knowledgeable and qualified “Game Master”, that’s a person in charge of controlling the second screen game room, hands out medals based on the real life sports action taking place. Medals can be handed out for such things as home runs, strikeouts, touchdowns, sacks, power play goals, three point shots, etc. Anything that can happen in a game is accounted for through FanCake medals.

Why do I love FanCake?

Users who grab medals and make correct predictions are awarded with points and the chance to win prizes. After being in beta-testing mode for five months FanCake went on an advertising blitz to attract new users and started it off with a contest to win an XBOX Kinect for the FanCake user that won their March Madness Medal Mania tourney. They had a similar promotion during the Super Bowl where the winner came away with a 51” Samsung 3D TV. In addition to major prizes like that every FanCake game has the potential for instant winners who grab certain medals that provide prizes from companies such as Zappos, Amazon and Best Buy.

While the chance to win prizes is an incentive to download and use FanCake on your Apple Device, and grabbing medals can get competitively addicting, FanCake is also a gateway to hang out with and chat with other users in the app who love sports and love talking about the game going on or sports in general. We don’t always have the chance to hang out with our friends to watch the big game and sometimes you just want to talk sports with somebody and FanCake provides just such a thing.

So, to recap, with FanCake you get to not only watch sports but also a chance to flex your in-game prediction skills, grabs some medals and get points, chat with other sports fanatics in an interactive and competitive virtual sports like chat room, with a chance to win prizes! What more could you ask for from a second screen sports app? Not much if you ask me so check out FanCake and download it in the App Store for the low, low, low price of FREE!

Then feel free to come down to your nearest iHospital location to talk to us about our sports knowledge while you’re waiting to get information about your device’s latest repair!

Review by D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices, Ross J. Newman

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