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Forget AT&T? Apple May Be Your Next Wireless Carrier

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When we think of Apple, the first thing that jumps into most peoples minds is Macs, iPhones and the revolutionary iPod. However, Apple may very well be making a big move, by providing their own wireless service for customers via iPad and iPhone, according to a leading expert Whitney Bluestein. Google is also trying to break into this field.  The more important question here is which carrier will let Apple in?  Carriers such as Sprint are offering unlimited data plans for the next iPhone too – which provider would you go with?

Forget about movies or television or banking, Whitey Bluestein, a long time wireless industry expert says it is very possible that Apple could begin to offer their very own wireless services to their customers for use with their products, such as the iPad and the iPhone. Bluestein has put together major deals for giants like AT&T, Microsoft, Nokia and Best Buy, and he says Apple already has everything they need to bring this service to the public. They have the right distribution, customer base and digital content to make it happen. He claims the only thing really holding them back from the exciting new launch is the extremely large cell phone subsidies. However, he doesn’t see this as being any long term issue and with Apple’s huge cash hordes, this road block isn’t very significant. 

Experts like Bluestein think this massive move could very well help Apple stay on top of its game and avoid potential threats from wireless companies, and our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices definitely think he’s on to something here. At the MVNO Industry Summit in Barcelona, Bluestein claimed that Google will have a hard time with competition against Apple because they do not have the same subscriber experience and they lack the simplicity of something like the Itunes store with its easy use and one click shopping. Google can do a lot of this themselves but it is not at the core of their company, as it is with Apple.

With so much for Apple to gain in the wireless service industry, it seems it will only be a matter of time before they become a major player. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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