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How To Create Free iPhone Ringtones

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how to create free iphone ringtonesAre you interested in how to create your own free iPhone ringtones? If so, this post is for you. All you need is a non-protected audio file (wav, mp3, etc), iTunes and your trusted Mac computer.

Our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices thought you’d enjoy this short tutorial on how to create your own free ringtones for your iPhone.

1. Open iTunes on your Mac.

2. Look for the song you’d like to make into a ring tone and select it.

3. Right click by pressing Control then Click and select “get info”.

4. Click on the “options” tab from the next window.

5. Check the start and stop time boxes and select which 30 second music duration you’d like for your ringtone.

6. Right click by pressing Control and Click on the song again and select “Create AAC Version”.  There will now be two versions of the same song in your iTunes library.

7.  Select the song with the 30 second time duration and right click it. Select “Show in Finder”.

8. A finder window will pop up and there will be two versions of your song. Select the smaller version and right click it. Select “get info”.

9. Go to the “Name and extension” section from the next “Get Info” screen. Change the extension from .m4a to .m4r and exit the window. Confirm that you’d like the change.

10.  Don’t exit the Finder window and go to iTunes. Select the 30 second clip and click delete. Two prompts will follow. The first one will ask if you want to delete the song. Click “delete song”. The second prompt will ask you if you want to keep the file. Select “keep file”.

11. Find and select the original length version of the song and select “Get info”. Once in get info, un-select the start and stop time boxes and click ok.

12. Go back to the Finder window and click twice (double click on the .m4r version of the song.  The song should automatically go into your iTunes library.

13. Next time you sync your iPhone, the ringtone will appear in the ringtone section of your iPhone.

Instead of spending $1 on a ringtone, spend a couple minutes to make your own. The above instructions will help show you how to create your own free iPhone ringtone using a non-protected audio file (wav, mp3, etc) and a Mac computer.

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