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iHospital on Wall Street Journal Radio

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Got a problem with your iPhone? Might save a few bucks on the repair if you choose a place other than the Apple store to have it fixed like the iHospital. Wall Street Journal reporter Ian Sherr says this chain of repair shops is one of many firms that have sprung up and built their business largely by fixing Apple devices and Ian described the iHospital:

Ian Sherr – The iHospital is one of many different companies and small businesses that are out there and have basically built themselves around the ability to fix iPad, iPhones, mobile devices and even computers in some cases for customers.

The idea is basically we have millions of these devices being sold every year and we only have 360 Apple stores around the world.  They can’t service all of them.  What happens is someone breaks their phone, they drop it, the glass breaks and where do they go? They can go to Apple or they can go to one of these places and what’s really interesting about the iHospital in particular is that it has taken this idea of we are going to fix your device, we’re going to make it all good, and they’ve really gone all out.

They have a quote-on-quote operating room, a triage center and they all wear scrubs.  They even have special training they go to called the Doctor of iDevices where they have to go through Apple certification tests and then extra work on top of that to be called a doctor at the iHospital.

Is Apple endorcing these types of services Ian?

Ian Sherr – Apple isn’t going to come down one way or another on it.  I think they are intelligent enough to know that when it comes down to it there are too many people to be able to serve all of them. I’ve heard bits and pieces of some Apple stores recommending some places when a persons out of warranty, but there’s nothing official out of Apple how they feel one way or another about it.

The one thing that is worth noting i think is that a lot of these places use parts that may not come from Apple when they are replacing the device. In fact, a bunch of these people speak ill of each one another when they say well his parts aren’t as high quality as mine and whatnot.  The glass may not have the same coating and the same feel when your using it on your iPhone so there are kind of some arguments for hey if you can bring it to Apple you should but otherwise here’s a great opportunity, if you’re out of warranty, or if the cost is just too high.

Thanks Ian, that is Wall Street Journal reporter Ian Sherr on the popularity of the iHospital chain.

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