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iTunes Match is Live!

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Apple launched finally launched iTunes Match in the United States yesterday with the release of iTunes 10.5.1. They were uncharacteristically two weeks late on releasing this as well.  The new service will cost $25.00 per year and will free up lots of storage on your iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac.

Once you sign up for iTunes Match your music collection is instantly moved to the cloud.  Competing services from Google and Amazon don’t stand a chance because iTunes Match saves users tons of bandwidth and time in initial synchronization. Apple quickly identifies which songs in your library are available in iTunes thereby getting rid of the download process. Your song is just moved to the cloud for playback on your iPad, iPod, iPhone or Mac.  If you’re lucky enough to have a song that isn’t part of Apple’s 20 million tracks for sale your song will be uploaded which might take just a little longer.  (Big sarcastic sigh).  Any matched music  will stream back from the cloud in crystal clear 256-Kbps quality, even if your original quality lacked. Cool right?

If you haven’t gotten started with iTunes Match… what are you thinking? Get started! Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes (10.5.1) and subscribe to iTunes Match entry.  Your music will begin indexing immediately.  After it’s finished go to your iOS 5 device and select Settings > Music > slide iTunes Match to On> Tap Enable = Done!

You won’t be invited to the iTunes Match hoe down if you have a massive library of over 25,000 songs.  Songs that were purchased through iTunes don’t count towards your limit so that helps.

Have you tried out the new service yet? How do you like it and how long was the process? We want to hear from you in the comments below!

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