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Let the iHospital in New York Repair Your Broken iPhone Screen

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iHospital in New York wants to give you a free iPhone case.  All you have to do is come in before November 10th, 2011 to have your iPhone screen repaired.  That’s it!  Really!

Is your iPhone’s Screen in desperate need of repair? Have your iPhone repaired at the iHospital in New York by one of our D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices.  We have a unique system that allows us to repair your iPhone display in five minutes or less on the 3G/3GS models, and less than 15 minutes on the iPhone 4/4S – no appointment needed!

We guarantee that iHospital  New York will go over and above every expectation to repair and return your iPhone’s screen as soon as possible.  Our services are second to none.  Don’t believe us? We did the research for you.  Here’s what you can expect from other iPhone repair service providers in New York City when it comes to repairing your broken screen. (Data was collected by searching “iPhone Screen Repair New York City).

The Results are in

The first service provider had two locations in New York city and both required you call ahead to make an appointment  if you needed to get your iPhone screen repaired.  Their website was also hard to navigate with lots of random blinking titles and multi colored fonts.  This isn’t a rave party – we just need to get our iPhone Screens repaired!

The second service provider we found promised certified technicians will get your device back in working order.  What kind of certifications do these repairmen have?  We couldn’t find it anywhere on their website. The iHospital technicians are D.i.D.  Doctor of iDevices certified.  They are the creme de la creme when it comes to iDevice repair – especially iPhone screen repairs.

The third and final service provider we researched promised that your iPhone screen would be repaired in 24 hours.  Really? Do you want to wait that long? The iHospital in New York ensures most iPhone screen repairs are done same day, some are even done in a matter of minutes.  Our triage team will let you know within five minutes of walking in the doors exactly when you’re going to have your beloved iPhone back. Long lines and wait times are so old school – do you really need to hear more?

Our store also carried an enormous selection of iPhone cases and accessories to prevent you from damaging your iPhone’s screen again. All repairs are covered under a one-year warranty against any manufactures defects.



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