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Meet iHospital D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Andrew G. Deeson

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Every Friday we introduce you to one of iHospital’s D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices. In case you don’t know, these are the expert technicians who exclusively upgrade and repair Apple devices including iPads, iPods, iPhones and Mac computers. Last week you met the interesting Matthew Reed, this week it’s Andrew G. Deeson.  He rates himself a 11 on the weirdness scale, and loves helping people out with their Apple devices! Without further ado, meet Andrew:

What is your name?

Andrew G. Deeson

Which store location(s) do you work at?

The South Tampa and North Tampa locations, sometimes in the same day.

What is your favorite Apple Device and why?

Of my devices, I have to say my iPhone 4S. It’s a huge upgrade in speed from the 3GS. And Siri is not only extremely useful, but also has a great sense of humor when you ask or say ridiculous things.  I also like playing games on my girlfriend’s iPad 2 as well because of the larger screen.

What do you love about your job?

I’ve always enjoyed taking things apart and fixing them but my favorite part is helping people.  When we can recover someone’s 3000 entry contact list that they’ve compiled over 5 years or irreplaceable baby photos, that’s the best part.

What do you think the iPhone 5’s best new feature will be?

As someone with large hands and fingers, I would like to see it slightly bigger in size with a larger LCD and touch screen.

What adjective would you use to describe yourself?


Tell me about your proudest moment at the iHospital?

I found a method of replacing old body Macbook LCD screens in half the normal time.

What type of mobile phone do you own?

iPhone 4S

Cats or dogs?


What was the first Apple device you ever puchased?

By technicality, my iPhone 4S.  I never really found the need for an MP3 player growing up so I never bought an iPod and I’ve always had a laptop so I didn’t need an iPad.  The aluminum MacBook I’m using now is a hand-me-down and the 3GS I recently traded in was pieced together from parts at no cost.

Rate yourself from 1 to 10. How weird are you and why?

If you didn’t know me and just heard me interacting with my friends, you would probably say 11.  That is, of course, after you hear me quote/reference random movies (hence 11… Spinal Tap) video games, sports and pop culture happenings.  Let’s be honest, is it possible to be in the tech field and not be at least a 5? It comes with the territory! I would give myself a 7.5 because I like sports, both watching and playing which is normal for most guys… or is that more weird because I’m in the tech field?

What are the first three things you did on your first day at work at iHospital?

I think I disassembled an iPhone 3G and put it back together… 3 times.

What’s the worst Apple Device damage you’ve ever seen? What was the story behind it?

The answer for everyone is probably an “iPhone/Pad/Pod that got run over” because what worse could really happen? What’s that you say? Some iPhones have been spontaneously combusting on airplanes. Oh, I guess it could be worse than getting run over.  Even though the damage is far from the worst I’ve seen, I like this story and I want to entertain you.

A customer came in with a broken display and some major scratches on an iPhone 4 and started with, “you won’t believe what I had to do to get this back.” How could I not want to know, right?  So I asked what happened.  Apparently, the phone had been stolen out of his wife’s car about an hour away from home a day earlier.  When they woke up the next morning at 5:00 AM they located the device using Find My iPhone on their computer and a daring rescue mission ensued.  As it turns out the phone happened to be moving slowly down a nearby road and at 5:30 in the morning with no one else on the road but a lone person walking, it was easy to discover who the culprit was.  Upon verbal contact with the suspect, the iPhone was tossed into the road (where it was, ironically, bumped by a car tire) and the thief ran away.

Just a word of advice, while the iPhone may seem like its your life, it isn’t worth your life.  Contact police if you phone is stolen but can be tracked.  This has been a public service announcement from The iHospital.

What’s the funniest thing you have ever experienced?

The two funniest things I have seen and heard to date are: 1) a co-worker at a previous job telling a customer that was upset about her “wireless” computer needing to be plugged in to charge that “wireless electricity is called lightning” 2) My sister’s boyfriend’s 4 year old daughter running into a well cleaned sliding glass door.  No doors or little girls were harmed during the should- have-been making America’s Funniest Videos moment.

If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Being a big fan of the Halo video game series, its a tie between meeting everyone at Bungie who made the games or meeting the creators of Red vs Blue at Rooster Teeth.

Decaf or Regular?

I don’t do coffee, but I don’t drink caffeine-free anything.  How else can I play Halo all night?

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