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Should You Get Your Broken iPhone Screen Repaired?

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broken iphone screen This is one of the biggest nightmares of all Apple enthusiasts. Something causes you to lose your grip on your beloved iPhone.  As you watch in horror, it appears to drop in slow motion to the ground.  You hope and pray it’s unscathed but low and behold, your iPhone’s screen is shattered.  This is one of the first questions that comes to mind: Should you spend the money to repair your broken iPhone screen, or should you just look past the shattered glass until you are eligible for an upgrade?

Here’s why you should replace the screen on your iPhone

1.  Not repairing your broken iPhone screen will greatly affect your resale value: Also, the resale value of your iPhone might offset the cost of repairing the damaged screen.  The difference in resale price on Gazelle and eBay between a cracked iPhone and an iPhone in good shape with just a couple scratches is between $50-$150. 

2.  The shattered glass on your iPhone could hurt you: The strength of your iPhone’s screen is compromised once you crack the glass. No matter how small the crack is, it can easily spread.  This is amplified because the iPhone is designed to be used by tapping and swiping with your fingertips. Some people wrongly assume that applying tape may stop it from getting better but it will eventually cause the glass to break into pieces. Additionally, because you hold your iPhone to your ear, which is close to your eyes, nose and lips, there is a chance the cracked glass may cut you.

3.  You might not be able to use all the features of your iPhone:  If you have a broken iPhone screen, you may lose functionality.  The impact that caused the initial damage may also break some of the internal parts.  These internal components control dialing, sending texts, where all of the commands are sent from touchscreens.

4.  Prevent further damage: Your iPhone is more vulnerable to additional damage from environmental exposure if you have a broken iPhone screen.  The glass protects your iPhone from dangerous toxins that can cause your iPhone to malfunction and stop working.  Some of these toxins include water, moisture, dust, etc.  Not fixing your iPhone’s broken screen may cause you to pay even more in the long run as you’ll have to repair other features too.

So there you have it, four serious reasons you should definitely get your broken iPhone screen repaired.  Not doing so may result in a low resale value, injury, loss of functionality and further damage. If you are in desperate need of having your iPhone’s broken screen repaired, drop into any iHospital location for a free time and cost estimate.


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