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Tech Check: Tablet vs. Laptop for back-to-school

Written by iHospital. Posted in iHospital iV

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Don’t feel like watching? Here’s the transcript:

So what’s it going to be for school this year? A new laptop or a new tablet?

In our back to school Tech Check, we’ve got the lowdown on the battle between laptops and tablets.

Listen, laptops do it all. No question that you will never go wrong by choosing a laptop for your student. But wait! There are advantages to tablets plus kids love them.

But what you want, what they need, what they might break, also what you can afford should all figure into your decision.

Let’s start with what you want. Parents are really divided on the questions of laptops versus tablets. According to a survey by, 50% of the parents polled said they’d be buying a laptop, while 49% of the rest of the parents polled said they would be going for a tablet.

ipad vs laptop for school Now let’s move to needs.  If you expect that your child will run school software or accessing trick school websites, the answer is laptop.  If your child will mostly be web browsing for home, work or e-reading the answer is tablet. If your child will be doing a lot of writing, word processing and anything that involves a keyboard, the answer is laptop.

Now you can buy a wireless keyboard for your tablet but it’s not a great experience.

Also, in the what do they need category, if portability is an issue, what’s the easiest to haul around? The answer is tablet.

Now let’s move to the category of what they might break. For this we asked the docs at Atlanta’s iHospital to weigh in when it comes to kids and technologies, what do they break the most often.

iHospital D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Mindy: “A lot of parents come in here and say you know, this is my 5 year old’s iPad and it got dropped the other day, and the screen cracked. So, there’re a lot of kids using tablets.”

So Mindy at the iHospital says if you’re worried that your kid will break it, choose a laptop because they are more durable.

Our final category is what can you afford. With laptops coming down in price, you can pick up a good one for around $400 – $500. That’s about the price of a good tablet though. So, the answer is either laptop or tablet.

I’ve got all of this information listed on my Facebook Page at Let me know about your tablet or laptop concerns for back to school.

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