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Tech Check: The NEW iPad via iHospital and Fox 5

Written by iHospital. Posted in iHospital iV

Well Apple is rolling out its new iPad and you’d have to look hard to see any changes. It’s a little heavier, a little thicker, but as Doug Evans reports now in Tech Check, the real difference is on the inside.

Apple didn’t even really say what it was going to be called; iPad 3, iPad HD. The Apple CEO only referred to it as the new iPad.

The iPad 2 had good resolution but the new iPad is better. How much better? Apple says the new iPad has better resolution than your HD television.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO – “You see the iPad shows over a million more pixels than your very own HD TV does at home. That’s incredible.”

But does that really matter? The docs at the iHospital say it does.

iHospital D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Michael Bautch – “The screen is just much crisper, much clearer. Videos and pictures are much nicer to look at on a higher resolution screen.”

The new iPad will also pack a faster processor than the previous two models. It’s a quad core that’s especially important for playing some graphic intense games.

iHospital D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Michael Bautch – “The speed that applications open and you’re able to retrieve data will definitely be increased with a faster processor.

The new iPad has a better camera and those connecting to wireless networks will now get 4G speed.

Listen, Apple is going after your television set. It’s a revolution that started with the iPad 2 and with better screen resolution than an HD TV Apple is attempting to get you to put down the remote, and watch your shows on an iPad instead.

Bottom line if you already own an iPad? You know if you already have an iPad 2 would you need the new iPad?

iHospital D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices Michael Bautch – “Probably not. The iPad 2 is an incredible device.”

Speaking of the iPad 2, it’s now going to be marked down to $399.00 US, that’s a hundred bucks off. Thew new iPad will start at $499.00 US for the WiFi edition.

It goes on sale March 16th, 2012. For Tech Check, I’m Doug Evans.

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