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The #1 SuperBowl Ad Was for the iPhone!

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Did you watch the New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots during the Superbowl over the weekend?  It doesn’t matter what side you were rooting for, we bet you enjoyed the 50+ commercials, even the one where Samsung made fun of Apple’s customers!

Interestingly enough, there wasn’t a single Apple commercial during the entire Superbowl.  This meant Samsung dominated the worldwide audience right?  Wrong!  After the game was over, the winning team, the New York Giants, took turns touching, holding and even kissing the trophy.  We live in a Facebook world where every moment is captured by mobile phone and guess what kind the players used to capture the legendary moment? You got it! The Apple iPhone.  You can’t buy that kind of publicity, and we bet Steve Jobs would be thoroughly impressed.

Jim Cramer said it was the best super bowl ad he saw:

“But there was one ad that struck me as the most honest, most riveting and most compelling of all. You see, the game had just ended, and Colts great Raymond Berry ran the Giant gantlet with the Lombardi Trophy.

Suddenly it seemed like every other Giant pulled out an Apple iPhone to snap pictures of the moment. One after another after another. And I said to myself, there it is, not some pet dangling a bag of chips or some headlights killing vampires or King Elton getting trapdoored. Nope, there was an ad worthy of Steve Jobs and the company he built. Of course, it wasn’t an ad.

It was just a collection of the most cool, most idolized competitors in the world whipping out their favorite device, which they had on the field, ready for action.”

So how much does a Superbowl commercial really cost? NBC charged of an average of $3.5 million for each 30 second spot (that’s a far cry from the $42,000 per commercial it charged in 1967).  The folks at Apple must be pretty happy about all the free publicity they received during an event that had 110 million+ American viewers!

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