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The Next iPhone Will Include a 4+ Inch Screen!

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the next iPhone will include a larger screen.  People familiar with Apple are noting that the company is ordering bigger screens from their Asian suppliers.

How big will the iPhone screen be?

The new screens are said to measure at least 4 inches diagonally, which is a half inch jump from the current 3.5 inch screen on the iPhone 4S.  The Wall Street Journal said at least 4 inches while Reuters has said will measure exactly 4 inches.   Overall, the increased screen size would represent an estimated 30 percent increase in viewing area, assuming Apple keeps the other dimensions proportionate.

Who is Apple working with to make the larger screens?

Apple is working with several companies to create larger screens on the next iPhone.  These companies include South Korea’s LG Display Co., Japan’s Sharp Corp. and Japan Display Inc. (the newly-merged businesses of Toshiba, Sony and Hitachi).

Why is Apple creating larger screens?

Consumers want larger screens on their mobile devices.  Apple is up against Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s largest cellphone manufacturer, which recently launched a flagship smartphone with an unprecedented 4.8 inch display, one of the largest screens to date. The iPhone screen size hasn’t increased from 3.5 inches from it’s launch in 2007.  Apple is looking to grab a bigger share of the global smartphone market, and having a larger screen is a step in the right direction.  Especially since analysts have projected that Samsung’s smartphone shipments will double in 2012 and the next iPhone should boost Apple’s shipments.

When will the next iPhone be launched?

As we mentioned in our previous post, 3 Reasons Why the New iPhone will be Called the iPhone 5, the next iPhone is expected to launch in October, 2012.  It will most likely be called the iPhone 5.

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