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75 Things Every University of Florida Freshman Should Know

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It’s the start of a new school year, and the University of Florida class of 2016 is just starting to learn the ropes and settle in to the 4 years that will shape their lives. We talked to a few students, Alumni, and Faculty to come up with this list of 75 things that every University of Florida freshman should know.

Would you add anything to the list? Let us know in the comment section!

  1. Make friends in your major.
  2. Go to class – every class!
  3. Make a friend in every class, to study with, do group projects with, and get notes from if you’re absent.
  4. Spend some time to get to know the Later Gator bus route.
  5. Know who Steve Spurrier is, aka the Ol’ Ball Coach. Even though he’s South Carolina’s coach now, we still love him.
  6. Know who Urban Meyer is. He’s the Ohio State coach now…we’re still dealing with feelings of love and betrayal about that.
  7. Know who Ron Zook is. And why we’re so glad he’s gone.
  8. Find a few good places to nap in between classes…you’ll probably need it at some point. Some ideas: The stadium bleachers, the booths in Pugh Hall, Reitz Union Lawn…
  9. Go to at least one SEC home football game your freshman year, even if you have to sell your soul.
  10. The Hare Krishna’s are those people in Plaza of Americas playing music in the circle. They serve vegetarian/vegan lunch during the week for 4 bucks too.
  11. Know the three Heisman winners from UF: Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, Tim Tebow.
  12. After the 3rd quarter of every football game, everyone puts their arms around each other and sings “We Are The Boys of Old Florida.”
  13. Even though the dining hall is all you can eat, don’t eat all you can eat. Unless you’re a football player, or your goal is the Freshman 15.
  14. Know the correct form for the Gator chomp!
  15. Learn the Gator Fight Song.
  16. Know the difference between Gator orange, and Tennessee orange.
  17. Wear blue when we play Tennessee.
  18. Know the difference between Gator blue and Auburn blue.
  19. Wear orange when we play Kentucky.
  20. Go to Satchels for pizza at least once.
  21. Know the difference between 101 Downtown and 101 Cantina
  22. If you’re driving on campus, stop at the crosswalks because the pedestrians aren’t going to!
  23. Don’t wear your favorite shoes to Grog.
  24. Do a dry run the day before the start of each semester, find your classes and figure out the bus route there.
  25. Find a few good places to study (BESIDES your dorm room), so you have lots of options.florida gator freshman
  26. Know the years we won the National Championship: 1996, 2006, 2008
  27. Know the bus routes to Publix and the Oaks Mall.
  28. Make friends with someone with a car!
  29. Don’t be afraid to walk everywhere!
  30. Get in to a workout routine, and take advantage of the free exercise classes, gym, or inter mural sports.
  31. The UF Bookstore and the Florida Bookstore are not the same.
  32. Take Tow Away zones seriously.
  33. Learn the “It’s Great To Be A Florida Gator” cheer.
  34. DON’T sign up for a credit card. NO MATTER WHAT. Even if you get a free something with a Gator on it. #notworthit
  35. If you’re low on cash, chances are some organization somewhere is giving away free pizza on campus. Check out Reitz or Turlington first.
  36. Don’t buy your books until after your first class.
  37. Buy your books online or used!,, are great places to start. Just make sure you’re getting the correct edition.
  38. If you ride a bike, know the rules. You WILL get a ticket for speeding or not stopping at stop signs.
  39. Don’t be antisocial! Get involved…it takes a little bit of effort and consistency, but you will get way more out of it than you put in, and it will benefit you long after you leave UF.
  40. Always have a plan, and always have a plan B. Professors don’t care if your computer crashes, you slept through your alarm, or you couldn’t find a parking space.
  41. Don’t wait until your Senior year to get serious about life after UF.
  42. Always carry an umbrella around campus! Professors don’t care if you couldn’t get to class because of a torrential downpour.
  43. Learn the UF alma mater song.
  44. Get to know one professor, faculty member, or adviser each semester. They will help you a TON once you start applying for jobs or grad school.
  45. Know what to do if there is a zombie attack on campus.
  46.  Your Gator 1 card is your life. Do not lose it.
  47. Memorize your UF ID ASAP. It’ll just make your life easier.
  48. Know the Orange and Blue cheer: Before the game, Mr. Orange and Blue comes out to lead the Orange and Blue cheer – which basically consists of yelling orange or blue as loud as you can. Just remember: Alumni yells blue, students yell Orange.
  49. Find a good password storing app for the gazillion passwords you’ll have to create for different things.
  50. There are real alligators on campus, so learn what to do when you come across a gator.
  51. Give back. Volunteer service hours look great on grad school applications, and can substitute for work experience on your resume right out of college.
  52. Don’t just go to football games, check out other sports too. Many of them are free, so try to attend one event for each sport your first year.
  53. Learn the correct form for the Gator Chomp.
  54. Wikipedia is NOT your friend. You’ll hear this a billion times, but learn it quick. It is a good start to your research, but that’s about it.
  55. Take advantage of the free concerts and speakers that UF brings to campus.
  56. Log out of everything when you’re done using a public computer. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a hacked email or Facebook.
  57. Know who Mr. 2-Bits is!
  58. Know how the stadium is divided…alumni on the west side, students on the east side.
  59. Put all the dates on your syllabus in your calendar ASAP.
  60. Learn how to manage your time…and quick!
  61. Know where the bathrooms are in each hall along your daily route.
  62. If you have an iPhone, turn off 3G when you are in the stadium on game days so you can still send and receive texts and phone calls. Otherwise, the network is too jammed and you won’t get your texts until you leave.
  63. Consider purchasing an iPad.
  64. Know our biggest football rivalries: FSU, Tennessee, and Georgia.
  65. Go to Gator Nights at least once.
  66. If you were part of a church or congregation at home, make it your mission to find one to attend on or near campus.
  67. Stay healthy: Get 8 hours of sleep, pay attention to what you eat, be active 5 or more days a week.
  68. Take advantage of free bicycle repairs. 
  69. Go to office hours to see your professor at least once. Make friends with them.
  70. If you’re driving on campus. DON’T SPEED!
  71. You won’t die from homesickness…learn how to cope with it. Meet new people, keep in touch with family & friends with FaceTime, & keep everything in what gator freshman should knowperspective.
  72. Create a budget!
  73. Learn how to “network” and become friends with the “super connectors”…the people that are most likely to introduce you to new people.
  74. Try something new at least once a semester.
  75. Know where to go when your computer crashes while writing a term paper. 


What would you add?

Bonus: Find out the history of the name “The Swamp.”

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