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Why The iPad Is The Next Great Educational Tool

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By now we’ve all seen and analyzed the numbers from last week’s second quarter call in regards to Apple’s financial figures and sales as we previously wrote about, Apple Reports Most Amazing Quarter on Record. The biggest eye-popper of them all was of course the number of iPads sold in the past two years: 67 million! That’s almost two iPads for every Canadian citizen! Imagine walking around Canada and every man, woman, teenager, and baby had an iPad in each one of their hands! Crazy, right? Who knows? Maybe it could happen one day…

Anyway, one other very important revelation from the second quarter conference call put on by Apple that the iHospital D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices wanted to focus on was in regards to the sale of iPads to the educational sector.

According to Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Apple, he made note of the fact that Apple sold twice as many iPads than Mac computers to US K-12 education customers! That number is even more staggering when you add in that Mac sales for Apple’s second quarter had also hit a new record!

The number of iPads sold to the educational sector signifies a shift in the way schools are educating their students, as tablets in general, but the iPad specifically, are more conducive to the classroom because they are just so well-suited for such an environment. When you put together the design of the iPad alongside the high number and great range of quality educational apps available for K-12 students, and after that, university students, it’s no wonder educators gobbled up iPads at such a fast pace.

Apple has placed an emphasis on their education apps and iTunes U and the iBooks textbooks were made to help teachers educate their students in a completely innovative but nonetheless still easy method of teaching.

We imagine that more and more schools will be filling up their classrooms with iPads in the near future and the stats shown to us by Oppenheimer when it comes to the San Diego school district might be an example of such an occurrence. In the second quarter 10,000 iPads were sold to the San Diego school district alone, and they have plans to purchase at least another 15,000 more iPads for students in middle and high schools in the upcoming June quarter!

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It’s not inconceivable to think that one day iPads and styluses along with note-taking apps such as Note Taker HD or writing/drawing/sketching apps like Paper by FiftyThree will replace traditional notebooks and pencils in the classroom.

If you’re the parent or teacher of one of the many new young generation of iPad owners and users and want to know more about the powers of their iPad or get a screen protector installed on their new iPad then feel free to hit up one of our many iHospital locations where a friendly D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices will help you out with all your iPad needs!


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