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Fans pack Apple stores for iPhone 5

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Well, Apple fans, the wait is over. The iPhone 5 was officially released today. And, check out the lines!

People started lining up last night. But really, why? Here’s Fox 15′s Josh Cascio to take a look.

Minute by minute, hour by hour, they waited – even in the rain. For these folks, few things were more important on Friday as getting their hands on the iPhone 5.

Tony Pomales, “It’s a great product. I’ve owned the the 4, the 3, and I never had a problem with them.”

For many, waiting in line for Apple’s latest gadget has become tradition. But the question is why? There are plenty of other top tier electronics out there.

Justin Saturley, Operations Manager for the iHospital which services all things Apple, describes a passion for the product.

“When you get your hands on one of those devices, you realize how much attention to detail they put in there. One of Apple’s main goals in their retail environments is to enrich people’s lives.”

For Apple devices, Tampa’s iHospital is a place of healing

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By Elizabeth Behrman, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nikesh Patel, a “Doctor of iDevices,” works on a broken iPad at iHospital’s flagship Kennedy Boulevard location.TAMPA — Ed Davis paced the waiting room, ignoring the coffee and magazines. He was anxious for news about a patient he’d just brought in, one “he would be lost without.”

His iPhone 4S.

It was suffering from a cracked screen, and Davis had rushed it to iHospital.

“I didn’t realize they’d have to take the whole thing apart,” he said while peering through the window to the operating room, where a technician in green surgical scrubs operated on his phone.

Doctors told Davis not to worry.

Screen repairs and replacements are routine procedures at the iHospital, said CEO Ross Newman.

The “Doctors of iDevices,” or DiDs, as iHospital technicians are called, specialize in Apple devices. They perform procedures ranging from cosmetic repair to software upgrades to data recovery on iPods, iPads, iPhones and the whole spectrum of Mac computers.

iHospital is not affiliated with Apple.

CT Watchdog: iHospital For Broken iPhones, iPads, Macs And All Apple Products

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The following article was run on


As a huge Apple fan and a stockholder, the major issue I have with Apple is that repairs to Apple products at its stores is expensive and the warranty on them sucks – that is a technical term.iHospital-slide-4 The warranties on new products is great, especially when you purchase extended care plans.

Thankfully there is now a business that repairs broken, waterlogged and troubled Apple products, at half the cost of Apple and with a year warranty, instead of 90 days for parts: 

“The chain of repair shops is one of many firms that have sprung up and build their business largely by repairing Apple devices. Far from the dingy, box-and-cord littered shops of the past, these businesses have taken on the Apple ethos with slick presentation and savvy brand building. Their customers come hoping to pay less for repairs than at Apple’s own stores,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

In This ER, Doctors Operate on Pocket-Size Patients

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The patient might have been under water too long. Only a few months old, the victim wasn’t responding.

A doctor, in green surgical scrubs, rushed to his sparkling clean operating room, hopeful the patient could be saved.

The iHospital is a chain of stores that fixes broken Apple products but takes Apple-care to new levels, Ian Sherr reports on Lunch Break. Photo: Julie Busch Branaman for the Wall Street Journal.

After thoroughly scrubbing and putting in some new parts, he tightened the last screw and pushed the power button. The familiar Apple Inc. AAPL +0.81% logo fill the screen of the phone.

This doctor works at the iHospital.

Tech Check: iPad 3 Rumors via iHospital and Fox5

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

Amanda Davis: Well the Internet is just wild with rumors of the next iPad and tonight in Tech Check, Fox 5’s Doug Evans sorts out the iPad 3 rumors and what it means for you, your laptop, maybe even your TV.

Doug Evans: Listen no matter what kind of tablet you have I hear people saying all the time with my tablet I don’t open my laptop as much, and I don’t even both with my desktop at all.  The iPad 3 just might take aim at your television set.

Apple sold more iPads at the end of last year then Hewlett Packard sold PC’s. A first. It shows how people are turning to tablets and away from traditional computers. In fact, one survey says tablet ownership in the US completely doubled after last Christmas thanks to strong sales of both the iPad 2 and the Kindle Fire.

Now comes the iPad 3 set to launch in the beginning of March according to Bloomberg.

Mike Bautsch, iHospital: The screen is just much crisper, much clearer.

Doug Evans: The iPad 3 will have double the resolution of the iPad 2 with a new Retina display screen. Now with better resolution and more online content such as everything from Hulu to cable channels, it’s possible with the iPad 3 more people might be reaching for their tablet and putting down their TV remote.

Mike Bautsch, iHospital: Videos, pictures are much nicer to look at on a higher resolution screen.  

Doug Evans: It’s also rumored that the iPad 3 will have a better camera for videos and pictures, perhaps in the 8 megapixel range. Also, a faster processor for speedier computing, and, 4G LTE compatibility for faster wireless networks.

You know if you got an iPad 2, would you need an iPad 3?

Mike Bautsch, iHospital: Probably not, the iPad 2 is an incredible device.

Doug Evans: Here’s the bottom line. If you’re in the market for an iPad, wait. The iPad 3 is coming in just a few weeks.  And if you want to save some money on an iPad, wait, Apple might drop the price of an iPad 2.

For Tech Check, I’m Doug Evans.

iHospital Featured on Fox 5 Tech Check

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By DOUG EVANS/myfoxatlanta

ATLANTA – If you’re giving a tech gift this Christmas like an iPhone or iPad, you might consider an additional stocking stuffer to go along with it.

No matter what kind of electronic device you getting or giving this Christmas, putting a case on it is the best way to protect it.

“I tell my customers all the time, the best kind of case is the case you don’t take off,” said Sam Schlam.

There are lots and lots of different cases, so pick one that you’re likely to leave on because you can live with it.

One that just protects the edges is called a bumper. Others like Speck cases are made of molded hard plastic Otterbox uses both hard and soft plastic. Of course there are all kinds of cases to reflect your personality. You can even buy what’s called an aqua box — it’s watertight with a flotation device for boating and rafting.

The docs at the iHospital say any case is better than no case.

They say they’ve had good success with cases made of a hard and soft plastic combination such as the Otterbox.

“Cases like this are the one, I prefer, simply because when it hits the ground, the hard plastic will take the impact and the soft plastic between the hard plastic and the phone will cushion the blow,” said Schlam.

The Otterbox will cost you more that most other cases. All that protection will change the size and weight of the phone in your hand. Again, the docs at the iHospital say the best case is the one that you keep on.

Yahoo News: iHospital® Introduces New iAmbulance Service

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iHospital, one of the nation’s leading repair and accessory providers for Apple devices, has launched a new repair and upgrade service, iAmbulance. Their certified technicians, called Doctors of iDevices (DiD), now make house calls to repair and upgrade Apple products in a redesigned and repurposed ambulance.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) December 07, 2011

The iHospital DiDs can now repair your Apple devices at your location.

iHospital, one of the nation’s leading repair and accessory providers for Apple devices, has launched a new repair and upgrade service, iAmbulance. Their certified technicians, called Doctors of iDevices (DiD), now make house calls to repair and upgrade Apple products in a redesigned and repurposed ambulance.

This latest addition to the iHospital family takes the Apple repair and upgrades centers mobile. Customers are no longer restricted to the five iHospital locations to get their Apple products diagnosed and repaired. The iAmbulance- staffed with Certified DiDs- can meet their customers on location in their own home, corporate office, sporting events or other venues fully equipped to handle all repair and networking problems while they wait.

Ross Newman, DiD, the Founder and CEO of iHospital, says, “We’re excited to unveil the latest edition to the iHospital family. Having a broken or malfunctioning Apple product is stressful. We want to make the repair process as convenient and quick as possible. Sometimes it’s just not possible to get to one of our locations right away. The iAmbulance gives our customers a way to get their products repaired without spending the time to drive to one of our service centers.”

Dr. Ross continues, “Everything you could get done at one of our regular locations, the iAmbulance can do: MacBook Pro repair, iPad repair, Apple computer repair, iPhone repair. Our iAmbulance team can take care of it while saving you time and money- all from the comfort of wherever you are located.”

iHospital has five Apple service and repair centers in Tampa, Gainesville, Atlanta and Naples. More information on iHospital and the iAmbulance can be found at

About iHospital

iHospital® was founded by Dr. Ross Newman, DiD* with one basic idea: provide a large range of repairs and services on Apple iDevices and computers with exemplary knowledge and customer service in a one-stop-shop atmosphere. Rather than repairing every make and model of electronic devices, iHospital has trained all of its iHospital doctors and technicians to focus on one family of products: Apple. iHospital does their best to ensure all iPhone and iPad repairs are done same-day; some are done in a matter of minutes. In the words of Dr. Newman, “we strive to a successful and rewarding experience for our customers, going above and beyond when performing any service or repair.”

iHospital talks to Fox 5 News Atlanta about Protecting your SmartPhone

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Deidra Dukes: Smartphones have taken communication to a whole new level. Once simply a mobile phone used to makes calls on the go. Cell phones on the market today do much more.

Jon Giffin: Today, we have smart phones that are a computer in your pocket. It’s a handheld computer.

Deidra Dukes: We can text. Talk. Or, surf the web at all hours. But experts say we pay a high price for convenience.

Jon Giffin: Hackers can access smartphones just as they can attack your desktop system.

Deidra Dukes: An assistant professor in the school of computer science, Jon Giffin, says hackers are constantly coming up with new techniques to break into your phone. Often using MALWARE, Malicious Software, disguised as a common application like a media player.

Jon Giffin: Malicious functionality might do things like steal your credentials. We call that spyware. It’s like a spy in your password that you’re typing in to a browser. It might do things in a cell phone like turn on your microphone so your cell phone becomes a bug that’s transmitting the audio signal to the hacker. It might do things like read your location information or maybe it accesses your contact list to learn your friend.

Deidra Dukes: We learn that breaking into someone’s phone is easier than you might think. We found several videos posted on You Tube that detailed ways to secretly access the information on someone else’s phone. And hackers aren’t just using mobile apps to gain entry.

You may be making a phone call or checking your bank account information. We’re told by experts that hackers could be anywhere. It could be driving by or a nearby restaurant on a laptop trying to access your information. Everything that’s contained in here.

The iHospital Sam Schlam, says Bluetooth technology and navigation systems built into cars are making it easier for hackers.

Sam Schlam: You could simply easily have, you know, equipment setup in a van, and drive next to someone who have Bluetooth in their car, and hack into their system, you know, have their navigation record as well as their telephone record.

Deidra Dukes: So, what are the signs you may have been hacked? Your phone’s overheating and you haven’t been using it. Your screen pops out of sleep mode when you aren’t using it. You hear clicks or echos while you are having a conversation. Or, your battery is draining unusually quickly. So, how do you protect yourself? Experts say do not use common passwords like your mother’s maiden name. Be sure to install any spyware on your phone to detect viruses and do not open email, text messages, and video clips. Sam Schlam says there’s one sure way to stop a hacker when extracts once he’s accessed your phone. Pull the plug.

Sam Schlam: Taking your battery out disconnects all allsoftware until you restart it.

Meet Trevor iHospital’s 14 year old D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices

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Most teenagers know much more than the average joe when it comes to high-tech gadgets and devices.  Meet fourteen-year-old Trevor – he’s no different.

Trevor spent an afternoon at the Buckhead iHospital learning the in’s and out’s of Apple device repair. He also became an honorary D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices – iHospital’s youngest to date! A D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices repairs everything from iPhones to iPads. Trevor got his hands on some complicated equipment and helped one of the specialists lift a screen of an iPhone (don’t try this at home!).

Trevor did an excellent job and was a perfect understudy.  He watched many of the D.i.D Doctor of iDevices perform routine surgeries on all sorts of devices including iPads, iPods and iPhones.

Trevor has diabetes and dreams about becoming a medical doctor one day to help other people.  He has also been in foster care for four years which has been both a good and bad experience, “The worst part about foster care is being in a group home with a whole bunch of bad kids that disrespect you.” He goes on, “The good part about foster care is when you’re with a good family that wants to love you, care for you..”. Be sure to watch the video. We are sure you’ll fall in love with Trevor like we did.

Remember, no appointment is needed to visit iHospital.  Just drop in with your damaged iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac and one of our Certified D.i.D. Doctor of iDevices will take care of everything.  Most surgeries are done while you wait and are guaranteed with a one-year warranty.

Need a speedy repair or upgrade? Send us an email or dial 1 (888) 407-5767

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