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Fox News gets iHospital’s take on Steve Jobs Retirement

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

At Tampa store, Steve Jobs is a superhero

TAMPA – It is safe to say Steve Jobs has solidified his legacy at Apple, and around the world.

“Tens of millions of devices all over the world, you have to think how many of your friends don’t have one Apple product,” said Eric Linsky.

Linsky is Apple to the core: he works at Tampa’s iHospitals where they specialize in repairing all things Apple. His store wouldn’t exsist without Apple, and to him, Steve Jobs has essentially reached super-hero status.

“Steve Jobs has been the brains behind the whole operation. Apple is amazing,” he said.

Demand for Apple’s products has created frenzies nationwide and its devices have changed our society. iPods revolutionized how we listen to music, iPhones are everywhere and iPads are being used as tools in the classroom, inside airplane cockpits, and they’re even being used in the Bucs locker-room as playbooks.

“You do things a lot quicker, more efficient, and more organized,” Linsky said. “I think the design of their products is very unique compared to anything else,” he added.

Mike Garcia’s owns just about every Apple product available. He says he’s not too worried about Job’s stepping down as CEO.

“He’s ahead of his time when he first started Apple,” he said. “He has a reputation for being a strong leader, so I think there’ll be a slight impact but hopefully Apple will get through,” he said.

The company still has some big things on the horizon, including the iPhone 5. No doubt sales will surge and so will the businesses that feed off the tech giant.

“As the more i-Devices and Mac products that are released, the more and more things we can repair and work on,” said Linsky. “I think Apple is only going up from here.”


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