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iHospital on Bubba the Love Sponge Morning Show

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

Speaking of the iHospital I didn’t know that they work on iPods and iPads so basically anything Mac?

Bubba: So Spice, the thing about meeting on time, I don’t think an iPod is made to be smashed you know this many times a day.

Spice: Repeatedly?

Bubba: Yeah.

Spice: Well, you know we always going to take it.

Bubba: Seriously?

Spice: Yeah, we take them to the iHospital so that they can fix it.

Bubba: No, seriously.

Spice: Yeah, they’re working all that stuff.

Bubba: They’re working on iPods too?

Spice: Yeah, yeah.

Bubba: Because now sometimes it’ll pause and even a little two bars are up it’s still not pause it at times. Speaking of the iHospital I didn’t know that they work on iPods and iPads so basically anything Mac?

Spice: Yeah, exactly. Even your Macbook.

Bubba: Like a laptop?

Spice: Yeah.

Bubba: Really?

Spice: Yeah. If there’s some problem and they can fix it, they will.

Bubba: I’m a tell you, man, I have my old iPhone that I gave to my stepbrother, Julie right?

Spice: Yeah and that’s old.

Bubba: And it’s like you know two years old maybe older ’cause I got a new one you know in the last Summer or whenever and I gave that to her for her birthday and she was happy. And I ran it through the mail and so you know she probably has this well, well all of a sudden it just wouldn’t power up or what have not so I took it like of the guy requested. I took it to the genius bar or wherever you dispose it, the Mac store, right? It’s the genius lab?

Spice: Yeah, the genius bar.

Bubba: Yeah, well, I didn’t make an appointment I sent a grant wrestles little guy to do it comes back from Apple and says the motherboard’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t do nothing, you’re going to buy a new phone. Well, it’s like you know what let me just send it down the iHospital because another they did something for you and so I send it down there and guess what, they’re like yeah the motherboard is burned out but we can put a new one on there and it’s about half as much as a regular phone.

Spice: That’s easy enough.

Bubba: So, you know Apple wanted to upsell me to you know the all new phone, the all new this, and all new that and iHospital is like I don’t think it was like $65.

Spice: Perfect.

Bubba: A new phone’s like what $150?

Spice: Yes, something like that. I don’t mind like running super slow. I don’t even know what to do about it so I probably going to remind there too because you know if you go to the Mac’s just probably going to upsell me.

Bubba: I’m going to try take my iPhone over there as well because my button like I think I’m wearing a crap on mine, they’ll put a new button in there for you.

Spice: Sweet.

Bubba: I got to confess I haven’t been down there I just send people down there for me.

Spice: You know, I think they’re actually they opened one up in the Atlanta area so if you’re on a country and you’re listening but here locally it’s right on west shore in Kennedy basically.

Bubba: Kind above the 0:02:34.3 [inaudible].

Spice: Exactly, yeah.

Bubba: In that pause or down a little bit?

Spice: Down just a tat.

Bubba: Like on a steam along?

Spice: No, it’s in a plaza but just right down the road from that.

Bubba: West shore in Kennedy, man, if he’s not really Mac based. Don’t think about going to the genius labs so that they can tell you that you need a new one and you’re an idiot. Just go right to the iHospital, it saved me 50 percent. I didn’t need a new phone I just needed a new motherboard. They were able to do it in a day. Love those guys, man. Thank you so much.

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