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iHospital on NBC Tampa’s “Way to Save segment

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

iHospital on NBC Tampas Way to Save segment on WFLAs Today Show

Gayle Guyardo: Alright, thanks Leslie. There is no doubt. The Apple shines in today’s marked at
the company has hit what’s been labeled by him as revenues earning more than $28 billion. But
what happens if your iPad, Mac, or Mac Air breaks? Well, on today’s ways to save, you don’t necessarily have to find a new one instead head to the iHospital.

John Noriega had found out about the iHospital, thanks to his daughters.

John Noriega: My 11-year-old daughter had a phone that wasn’t operating properly so we brought it into the doctors at the iHospital and they fixed it.

Gayle Guyardo: Now, he’s servicing his own iPhone and saving big bucks.

John Noriega: I’m probably saving exactly probably about $300.

Ross Newman: Anything that’s made by Apple we’re working on here, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and all Mac computers.

Gayle Guyardo: The iHospital is the brain child of entrepreneur Ross Newman. Every technician at the iHospital is certified and you can clearly see them busy at work through surveillance videos scrubs it all. With no appointment necessary just drop your Apple technology to be fixed and save big money.

Ross Newman: Hundreds of dollars, sometimes even thousands of dollars and these aren’t limited to just hard drive repairs, you also have people who lose their data, we’re able to recover their data for normally starting around $49 prices go up a little bit. Also people drop their computers, they spill liquid on them, and these are things that we’re going to repair here and save them for having them to buy a new computer.

Gayle Guyardo: So, while at the iHospital looking for ways to save, I also found the coolest new invention exclusive to the iHospital. Take a look.

The brand new, Aquabox.

Ross Newman: We’re going to close the window.

Gayle Guyardo: You simply secure your phone inside, so, that if you’re prone to dropping your phone in water you might not need the iDoctors at the iHospital. Computer repairs are today’s ways to save.

Now, if you’re a PC owner there are many stores in the area that can help you as well, however make sure you ask if the text are certified and that genuine parts are being used. But that little gadget is cool especially in Florida because it makes your iPhone waterproof, you can take it underwater with you.

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