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The iHospital on Fox 13 News with Owner Ross Newman

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

Commentator: So many of you have one across the world iPhone sales continuing to grow still tech savvy users are finding some new ways to make the iPhone work off network so to speak outside Apple set perimeters.

Ross Newman: They really fring your phone from any restrictions apps is placing on it.

Commentator: Ross Newman runs Tampa’s iHospital he says the process is called jailbreaking and it turns out there’s an app for that.

Ross Newman: The actual process of jailbreaking is actually a very simple task. You download some software, plug your phone or iTouch, iPad and place the device into a computer. Press the button and do a few steps and it pretty much does itself.

Commentator: The process is from the pond by Apple and the makers of other smartphones but as of this week there’s some new guidance for consumers.
Interviewee: It’s okay for you to jailbreak your iPhone which basically means you be allowed to install applications that don’t come directly from Apple.

Commentator: The exemption coming from the Library of Congress’ Copyright Office some consumer groups praise the announcement but it appears Apple says not so fast.

Interviewee: Anybody who does jailbreak their phones as it’s called it’s going to be violating in terms of service and potentially will suffer some problems and Apple doesn’t want to be held responsible. Let’s say you bring in a jailbreaking phone into the Apple store they’re not going to repair it for you.

Ross Newman: The main benefit is basically giving users back their freedom. Saying, yes, I own this device now I’m free to use how I please.

Commentator: Many differences are actually subtle, the iPhone on the right is the new iPhone 4, the one on the left is an older modified iPhone you noticed small changes. As for the one most sought changed making the iPhone work on most other networks. Ross, believes this might be a step another direction.

Ross Newman: I’d say the main benefit to a lot of users out there is the fact that they can now can now carrier unlock. Having carrier unlock is going to take people away from being restricted to only AT&T and use it on other networks on their iPhone so I made my iPhone have that.

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