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The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman

Written by iHospital. Posted in Media Coverage

The iHospital with Owner Ross Newman Fox 13 News Tampa 813-841-7000
Commentator: Manage your iPhone or the iPod and chances are it’s going to cost you to fix it than buying a new one, that’s really got you but our consumer lawyer,

Erik Seidel. So, there’s another option.

Erik Seidel: They call them the iPhone King.

Ross Newman: It’s probably the most popular device out there.

Erik Seidel: An obsession that started when he got his first iPhone.

Ross Newman: Being the kind of person I am, I dove into it immediately.

Erik Seidel: Ross Newman learned everything there was to know about iPhones including how to take them apart and fix them.

Ross Newman: We replace this entire part, inside of this which then makes this look like a brand new phone again.

Erik Seidel: That led Ross to open what he now calls, the iHospital.

Ross Newman: I came with the service because we needed an easy solution to get your phone fixed and there really wasn’t any.

Erik Seidel: So, he opened one and they came. Customers like, Stephani Heirshberg.
Stephani Heirshberg: Even I’m on that jetski over the weekend and it got saltwater in it so it completely died.

Erik Seidel: She says Apple wanted nearly $400 to replace her phone. So, she came here.

Stephani Heirshberg: He was able to fix the one part that got saltwater on it.

Erik Seidel: The final charge just $75.

Ross Newman: We don’t have a single repair that’s over $100 here.

Erik Seidel: Since opening this Tampa location last month, Ross, has seen iTragedies of every kind.

Ross Newman: We’ve had a few of these officers who have dropped them like chasing suspects; I had one who shot his phone.

Erik Seidel: CPA Neil Fabricant says he doesn’t have time to wait for his phone service wrecked to get back to him.

Neil Fabricant: Unfortunately, they’re incredibly busy right now. We know exactly what’s wrong the second we see it and what to do.

Erik Seidel: Destroy display? No problem.

Ross Newman: Before you take out the display, we have to remove the LCD on the back of it and replace this entire part.

Erik Seidel: All with the one year warranty. In fact, Ross fixes all things Apple from iPods and Pads to laptops themselves leaving customers like Stephani keeping him on speed dial.

Stephani Heirshberg: It’s within 15 minutes, it was fixed and charged up and ready to go.

Erik Seidel: Erik Seidel Fox 13 News.

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